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Complete The Brutal Buddy Klue MK1

The brutal buddy klue is a new klue that players will encounter in season 2 of Mk1.

This klue allows players to obtain a new skin of Liu Kang and a color palette for the dashing Johnny Cage.

The brutal buddy klue requires players to cooperate with their kameo partner to perform a brutal move unique to the kameo partner. Furthermore, players are not required to use a specific kameo partner; they can use any partner they prefer.

This article discusses the brutal buddy klue and the method to complete it in Mk1.

What Is Brutal Buddy Klue In Mk1?

The players will encounter a brutal buddy as one of the new Klues in season 2 of MK1.

Klues are a form of content that allows players to explore characters’ skills and earn rewards.

Sometimes, Klues even helps players unlock a character or a new character skill altogether.

However, most of the time, Klues give the players some seasonal currency and skins.

Furthermore, to complete any Klue, players must also defeat the opponent. Thus, if they lose the fight, they must restart it again.

Since Brutal Buddy is also a klue, players must defeat the opponent on the stage when the klue pops up.

However, even Brutal Buddy has a requirement the players must fulfill.

Thus, players must pay attention to the requirements of the Klue before trying everything they can think of.

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How To Complete Brutal Buddy Klue In Mk1?

The brutal buddy klue is one of the easiest Klue to complete in MK1/ Mortal Kombat 1.

The Klue will pop up when the players are in the invasion mission in Mesa: Rampart.

After the Klue pops up, they must fight an opponent. This opponent will be the Lady of Halak, thus, players must prepare well for her.

During the encounter, the players must end the match using a brutal move on Lady of Halak.

The brutality move should be from a Kameo character. There is no requirement for the Kameo character to be a specific character.

brutal buddy kameo brutality move mk1
Perform a brutality move using a kameo for the klue

Thus, players can take any of their favorite Kameo characters into the arena and deal with the Lady of Halak with their help.

After completing the Klue, players will receive some experience and currency.

Furthermore, after completing the Klue, players will be eligible to open a chest in the area.

This chest will contain a skin for Liu Kang, named Brilliant Bloodshed.

Players will also receive a legendary talisman, a color palette for Johnny Cage and some seasonal currency.

Brutal buddy klue reward mk1
Obtain a Liu Kang skin for completing the brutal buddy klue.

The Bottom Line

Klues are a great way to reward players for investing time into the game.

Furthermore, since each Klue allows players to tackle the game differently, it is usually a fresh feeling for the players.

However, in certain cases, the Klues can be tedious if the stage is set to have a longer story progression.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in completing the brutal buddy klue in Mk1.

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