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What Are Chubby Student Answers In Persona 3 Reload?

In Persona 3 Reload, to unlock the Moon Social Link players need to answers some of the questions from the Chubby Student.

Furthermore, the questions are based on food, drinks, and personal attire which are more difficult than lectures.

Moreover, some of the common answers to the Chubby Student questions are Pheromone Coffee, Red, and Hagakure Bowl.

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Who Is The Chubby Student In Persona 3 Reload?

The Chubby Student is a minor character in Persona 3 Reload, who can be found at the Paulownia Mall, sitting on a bench.

He is obsessed with food and restaurants and claims to be the Gourmet King, a master of culinary knowledge.

Furthermore, he is also very lonely and insecure and has low self-esteem.

He is the potential partner for the Moon Social Link, which represents the hidden side of oneself.

To start the Moon Social Link, you must have at least Level 2 Charm, and complete the Magician Social Link up to Level 3.

Then, the player must talk to Kenji in the classroom, who will give a hint about the Gourmet King.

Gourmet King
Talk to Kenji in the classroom to get a hint about the Gourmet King.

After that, the player can approach the Chubby Student at the mall, and he will challenge the player to a Gourmet Quiz.

If the player passes the quiz and brings him an Odd Morsel (a rare item found in Tartarus), the Moon Social Link will begin.

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What Are The Questions Of The Chubby Student In Persona 3 Reload?

The chubby student will ask you three questions, each related to a different aspect of food culture.

Gourmet Quiz
Pass the Gourmet Quiz from the Chubby Student.

The questions are:

  1. What’s the most popular drink at the café over there?
  2. What color skirt does Azuki Arai’s mascot, Azuki-chan, wear?
  3. What item is on the secret menu at Hagakure?

You need to answer all three questions correctly to impress the chubby student and move on to the next step.

If you fail any question, you will have to wait until the next day to try again.

What Are The Answers Of The Chubby Student In Persona 3 Reload?

The answers to the chubby student’s questions are:

The most popular drink at the café over there is Pheromone Coffee. 

Pheromone Coffee is a special drink that boosts your Charm stat when you drink it at the cafe.

Moreover, it is also a reference to Persona 2, where it was a plot device.

2. What color skirt does Azuki Arai’s mascot, Azuki-chan, wear?

The color skirt that Azuki Arai’s mascot, Azuki-chan, wears is red.

Azuku-Chan is a character from the Azuku Arai manga series, which Nozomi is a fan of.

Likewise, she wears a red skirt and a blue ribbon on her head.

Furthermore, she is also a mascot for a snack company.

3. What item is on the secret menu at Hagakure?

The item on the secret menu at Hagakure is the Hagakure Bowl.

Hagakure is a ramen shop that Nozomi likes to visit.

The Hagakure Bowl is a secret item that you can order at Hagakure.

Furthermore, it is a huge bowl of ramen that gives you a Courage boost if you finish it.

By answering all these questions correctly, the player will impress the Chubby Student, and earn his trust.

However, he will still ask the player to bring him something he has never eaten before, which is the Odd Morsel.

Odd Morsel
Bring Chubby Student an Odd Morsel.

Likewise, this item can be obtained from random chests in Tartarus, the mysterious tower that appears at night.

Once you bring him the Odd Morsel, the Moon Social Link will start, and you can also hang out with the Chubby Student.

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