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Prove Yourself To Ponts In OSRS: Easy Guide

Did you know you must prove yourself to Ponts in OSRS to access the Myths’ Guild?

Furthermore, players can also gain a few new dungeons after going through Ponts.

Players can prove themselves to Ponts by completing the Dragon Slayer 2 quest. However, players may not know about this requirement because Ponts does not specify it when interacting with him.

This article discusses how to prove Ponts in OSRS.

Who Is Ponts In OSRS?

Ponts is one of the NPCs that players will meet while exploring the world of Old School RuneScape.

He goes by the name Ponts the Bridgemaster in Old School RuneScape and guards the eastern dungeon of the Myths’ Guild.

Furthermore, players have different dialogues with Ponts depending on the quests that they have completed.

However, if the players have not completed certain quests, Ponts will deny the players entrance to the dungeon.

Thus, players must prove themselves to Ponts by completing the quests to access the dungeon.

But, it is not easy since the quests have multiple layers.

Ponts location OSRS
Pont location in Myhts’ Guild OSRS.
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How To Prove Yourself To Ponts In OSRS?

The first time players meet Ponts, they will get a selection of dialogues.

However, Ponts will not allow the players to enter the Myths’ Guild basement area.

Furthermore, he will engage in a dialogue, but after the end of the dialogue, players cannot enter the Myths’ Guild basement.

This is because players must complete the Dragon Slayer 2 quest.

Players can start the quest by interacting with Alec Kincade outside Myths’ Guild.

Here he will detail the players about the quest, and then, the players can head out to defeat the dragon.

Alec location OSRS
Meet Alec outside the Myths’ Guild in OSRS.

1. Head To The House On The Hill

Players must head to the House on the Hill and meet with Dallas Jones.

Then, after meeting Jardic in the Museum Camp, players must head to Lithkren.

They must meet Dallas Jones again to find and read Aivas’ Diary.

After reading the diary and meeting with Dallas, players must head to find Bob the cat.

After meeting up with the cat, a slew of chain quests will begin, where in the end, players must fight off a dragon.

The dragon is named Vorkath and will deal fire and acid damage.

Thus, players must make sure to have items that protect them against both elements.

Defeat Vorkath prove yourself to Ponts OSRS
Defeat Vorkath to prove yourself to Ponts.

2. Head Back To Alex Kincade

Furthermore, players must go through a few more ending chain quests after defeating the dragon to complete the Dragon Slayer 2 quest.

Lastly, after completing the quest, players can head back to Alex Kincade and get the rewards for the quest.

Then after, players can meet Point the Bridgemaster, and his dialogues will change for the players.

This is because they have proven themselves by defeating Vorkath.

The Bottom Line

Quests are a way for players to gain access to more content in any game.

Furthermore, the quests allow players access to new NPCs, items and even areas.

Similarly, proving yourself to Ponts allows players access to dungeons and the Myths’ Guild.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about how to prove yourself to Ponts in OSRS.

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