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A Guide for Defeating Persona 3 Reload Floor 17 Boss

Thebel exploration in Persona 3 Reload ends in a difficult encounter with the formidable Swift Axle boss on Floor 17.

In Persona 3 Reload, defend against the Swift Axle using Junpei and elemental attacks.

Exploit weaknesses with Electric skills and strategic tactics, ensuring victory with careful planning and teamwork.

Likewise, there are also other tough bosses besides the Swift Axle that you will find on different floors.

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Persona 3 Reload Floor 17: Techniques For Victory

Tartarus’ 17th floor in Persona 3 Reload is a challenge, guarded by the formidable Swift Axle, channeling electric fury.

Exploit weaknesses, particularly using Electric skills from Personas like Pixie and Zangetsu, casting Mazio and Ziodyne spells.

Caution is crucial against the Axle’s fierce attacks; players can depend on Cerberus’ resilience and Isis’ electrical resistance for effectiveness.

Effective teamwork is essential, players can ensure endurance by leveraging Pachamama’s restoration and Orpheus’ buffs.

Face the Swift Axle on Floor 17, employing cautious tactics and elemental mastery in Persona 3 Reload.
Face the Swift Axle on Floor 17, employing cautious tactics and elemental mastery in Persona 3 Reload.

Managing SP meticulously is key; players should use items like Soda Pops and Soma for replenishment.

Victory demands strategic tactics and guarding against powerful attacks, particularly Megidolaon.

Players can use Rakukaja to boost offense and Tarunda to weaken defenses.

Seizing opportunities is crucial in Persona 3 Reload because it will help them with further guidance.

Players should unleash devastating all-out attacks and explore for valuable treasures and personas in hidden chests.

Conquer the 17th floor with strategic Persona choices, clever tactics, and careful planning, leaving the defeated axle in your wake.

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Facing The Swift Axle In Persona 3

In Persona 3 Reload, confronting the Swift Axle requires strategic actions guards frequently accompany Junpei to counter its strength.

You need to avoid regular attacks and concentrate on fire, ice, and piercing moves, Make use of your Persona’s electric moves.

For those who lack electric attacks, you can use Yukari’s healing and attack alongside Yuki and yourself.

You need to keep Junpei on guard to ensure his safety in the game.

If a team member is injured, allow Yukari to heal them with her magic. Continue with your strategy, and use debuffs wisely.

The battle may take some time, but you’ll defeat the Axle with strategic healing, attacks, and debuffs. 

Tough Bosses Beside 17 Floor In Persona 3

While the Swift Axle on Floor 17 of Tartarus presents a significant challenge, Persona 3 Reload also offers other bosses.

Other bosses will test your resolve and tactical prowess. Here are a few to keep an eye out for: 

1. The Ruthless Ice Ravens (Floor 5)

Engage the Ice Ravens on Floor 5, exploiting their fire weakness with Agi spells for effective All-Out attacks.

A quick repetition of this strategy ensures a swift victory against these early-game adversaries.

2. Barbaric Beast Wheel (Floor 11)

Encounter the Barbaric Beast Wheel on Floor 11, a boss relying on heavy physical damage exploits its wind weakness.

Stun the wheel using Yukari’s wind magic, then employ fire magic on accompanying Magic Hands for effective All-Out attacks.

persona 3 reload floor 17
Battle the Barbaric Beast Wheel on floor 11 for a strategic showdown in Persona 3 Reload.

3. Nyx Avatar (Floor 74)

Face the formidable Death, part of Nyx Avatar, in a challenging battle with high-stakes consequences for the story.

Develop a well-rounded strategy, exploiting weaknesses, utilizing buffs, and coordinating team efforts for a successful encounter.

4. The Sleeping Table (Floor 135)

In Persona 3, the Sleeping Table proves notably challenging, boasting high damage potential and defense.

You can swiftly eliminate Fear using Me Patra upon its appearance, as it can lead to instant death via Ghastly Wail.

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