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Sarah Or Andreja In Starfield: Whom To Choose?

Many players may have tough thinking while picking Sarah or Andreja in Starfield.

Players can choose a few characters to make them a companion. 

Players who are confused about choosing between Sarah or Andreja as the main companion can select Andreja as she has no bounty and has higher theft and physical skill. But choosing any of them can lead to the death of another one in the future event.

Continure reading to know to choose the best character between Sarah and Andreja in Starfield.

Option: Starfield Sarah Or Andreja

In Starfield’s universe, Players can approach the game like a real world, including romancing. Job interviews and trading goods. 

Likewise, players can approach many characters to romance and even marry them.

Sarah Morgan and Andrea are two of the characters players can romance with.

However, players in Starfield can only select one main companion at a time, so selecting any of those characters can be tricky.

Many users are fascinated by Sarah’s short, blonder hair; on the other hand, players are also impressed by Andreja’s sassiness.

Sarah Morgan In Starfield

Sarah Morgan is the first companions players can find while progressing through the game.

Starfield Sarah Morgan
 The Player’s first companion Sarah in Starfield.

She is also a recruitable crew member for the spaceship missions and a member of the constellation faction.

Players can build relationships with certain characters, including Sarah, to avoid making characters feel alone.

Moreover, players can initially find Sarah in the  New Atlantis Jemison planet of the Alpha Centauri system.

Players must complete the Artifact mission, so Sarah agrees to join the players.

Sarah has skills in botany, leadership, lasers and astrodynamics from rank one to four.

Building A Relationship With Sarah Morgan

Players should create a stronger bond to romance with Sarah by traveling along and building a conversation.

Further, players should get likes and support her in civil matters or other events.

A side message will pop out if players impress Sarah in the conversation.

The players must interact with Sarah and try to flirt until she provides players with In Memorium Quest.

If players complete the quest, be sure to choose the romance dialogue.

This will make Sarah confess their love for players.

starfield sarah or andreja
Making Sarh Morgan a companion and partner.

Again, a message will pop up saying she considers herself an ally and follows the players.

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Andreja In Starfield 

Andreja is also one of the possible crew members and can be a player’s companion after completing a few events.

Like Sarah, she also belongs to the Constellation group; however, her location is Deep Cave, Nira initially.

Players can meet Andreja while playing Into the Unknown mission and assist her with her won event.

Andreja in Starfield
Meet Andreja in the Into the Unknown mission.

Upon completion of the event, she will officially serve the players as a crew.

Players can further interact with her anytime at the Lodge, the central location of the Constellation faction.

Andreja has skills in theft, stealth, particle beams and energy weapon systems from rank one to four.

Building A Relationship With Andreja

Forming a bond with Andreja is quite similar to Sarah Morgan.

Players should also get likes from Anreja until she grants players a Divided Loyalties quest to complete in Akila City.

However, players must answer the questions leading to romantic conversations.

After players finish Andreja’s quest, they must initiate a romantic dialogue with her so she finally considers the players an ally. 

starfield sarah or andreja
Obtaining Andreja as an ally.

Selecting: Starfield Sarah Or Andreja

Choosing any character as a main companion is always a hard opting, considering there are future consequences attached to it.

Sarah is the companion who has laser gun skills, whereas Andreja is the companion who has a bounty on her head.

In future events, players must sacrifice one of the characters while playing the High Price to Pay mission.

Players must build a relationship with Andreja and vice versa to save Sarah.

However, choosing any one of the companions will not make a significant impact, so players can choose any characters they are more attracted to.

The Bottom Line 

While choosing Starfield Sarah Or Andreja, players can select any character they are more attracted to.

If they are attached to the players, they can even propose marriage and have a long-term commitment.

The best way to impress Sarah and Andreja is by involving and completing their quest.

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