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What’s The Other Name For May Sickness In Persona 3 Reload?

In Persona 3 Reload, one of the questions that the player will encounter during May class and midterm exam is about May Sickness.

Furthermore, players need to pay attention in class since the question can be expressed in different ways about May Sickness.

Moreover, the answer to the May Sickness question is always the same which is “May Blues“.

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What’s The Other Name For “May sickness”—The More Casual One?

The game asks the player to choose the correct answer for this question on May 15, when the teacher, Mrs. Terauchi quizzes the class.

The possible answer to the options is “May Days”, “Moody Blues”, and “May Blues”.

The correct answer is “May Blues”, which will earn some Charm points.

May sickness
May questions about May Sickness in the class quizzes.

The formal name for this condition is “Gogatsubyou”, which means “May disease”.

However, there is also a more casual and colloquial expression that is used to describe it: “May Blues”.

This term reflects the mood and feelings of sadness and melancholy that many people experience during this month.

What Is The Other Common Expression Used To Describe “May Sickness”?

The game asks the same question again during the midterm exams on May 19, which take place from May 18 to May 23.

This time, the question is part of the English exam, which is presumably a Japanese exam in the original version of the game.

The question is worded slightly differently: “What is the other common expression used to describe ‘May sickness’?”

The possible answers are the same as before, plus one more: “Dropsy”.

This is a real medical condition that causes fluid retention in the body, but it has nothing to do with “May sickness”.

The correct answer is still “May Blues”, which will help the player ace the exams.

May midterm exam
May midterm exam question about May sickness.
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What Are Other May Midterm Questions And Answers In Persona 3 Reload?

The midterm exams are the first major test of the player’s knowledge in Persona 3 Reload.

They cover various subjects and topics that the player has learned or encountered in the previous months.

The exams last for six days, and the player has no free time after school or in the evenings during this period.

The player’s performance on the exams depends on their academic stat and their answers to the questions.

The questions are based on the classroom questions that the player has already answered or heard in April and May.

However, some of them are rephrased or reworded to make them more difficult or tricky.

Here are the questions and answers for each day of the exams:

May 20

This is the third day of the exams, and the subject is Physics.

The question is about Leon Foucault, a French physicist who performed experiments on the rotation of the Earth.

Which of the following did Leon Foucault use in his experiment on the rotation of the Earth?

The correct answer is “A pendulum”.

Foucault used a pendulum to demonstrate the Earth’s rotation by observing the change in the direction of the pendulum’s swing.

May 20
May 20 questions in the May midterm exam.

May 21

This is the fourth day of the exams, and the subject is Technology.

Which of the following is generated by a pantograph?

The correct answer is “Electricity”.

This is a device that collects electric current from overhead wires to power the train’s motor.

It is usually mounted on the roof of the train and has a metal arm that can slide along the wires.

May 21
May 21 questions in the May midterm exam.

May 22

This is the fifth day of the exams, and the subject is History.

The question is about the places where people dumped their waste in the earliest known period of Japanese history.

During which historical period were middens most commonly used?

The correct answer is “Jomon”.

These are archaeological sites that contain the remains of human activity, such as shells, bones, pottery, and tools.

They provide valuable information about the culture and lifestyle of the Jomon people.

May 22
May 22 questions in the May midterm exam.
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