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All Purpose Apron In Persona 3 Reload: How To Get It?

Players can get various items in Persona 3 Reload including the All Purpose Apron.

This apron is a rare item that players can only obtain after tuning in to Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities.

Moreover, players must learn about specific dates, times, and value of this apron to buy it in the game.

Continue reading to learn about the All Purpose Apron in Persona 3 Reload.

What Is An All-Purpose Apron?

In the Persona 3 Reload, items are categorized into different rarities to provide their effectiveness during gameplay.

Players can easily buy most of the items in the game, making only some specific items quest-related.

Tanakas Amazing commodities persona 3 reload
Tanakas Amazing Commodities show in Persona 3 Reload.

Similarly, one unique item is called the All-Purpose Apron which players can only get from a TV program.

The name of this program is Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities which sells unique items while it airs.

This apron is not just a common accessory as it can grant +1 to all the player stats in the game.

However, players have only one chance to get this featured item as it sells out after airing.

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Getting All-Purpose Apron In Persona 3 Reload

Many items in Persona 3 Reload are only accessible to players after performing specific tasks.

Similarly, players can only get the All-Purpose Apron if they watch Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities show.

The host of the show, Tanaka is a shady businessman who sells these unique items to the players.

However, players must note that they can only buy items from him on Sundays as it is the airing date.

Moreover, the All-Purpose Apron only appears on the show on May 24th until it cycles again.

All purpose apron persona 3 reload
Attempting to buy the All-Purpose Apron in Persona 3 Reload.

Therefore, players must watch the show on this specific date to buy the item for 5,980 yen.

Players can either buy the item instantly or schedule it for a later date for delivery.

As a bonus, players will also receive 2 Umugi water upon purchasing the apron from the show.

Tips To Get The All-Purpose Apron In Persona 3

Here are a few tips for players to enhance their success rate while getting this item.

  1. The specific item only appears once in the Tanaka show, making it very rare.
  2. Players must have enough money(5980 yen) before tuning in to the show to verify them for buying the apron.
  3. They can buy the apron from anywhere as long as there is a working television around them.
  4. If players do not order the first time they watch television, the program will sell out of the item.
  5. So players must buy this item during the afternoon show as it does not appear in the evenings.

Items List In Tanaka Show With All-Purpose Apron

DateItem NamePrice(yen)
5/3Rose Bouquet2980
5/10Antibiotic Gel x23980
5/17Blinding Flashlight2980
5/24All-Purpose Apron

5/31Health Sandals3980
6/14Brand Watch3980
6/21Amenity Suit9800
6/28Amronion Sprout x22980
7/5Yaba Chocolate x33980
7/12Max Safety Shoes9800
7/19Tetracone x314800
7/26Brand Wallet6980
8/9Isotope Soda x103980
8/17Curse Paper x33980
8/23Soul Spinach Sprout x22980
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