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How To Reach The Pillar Of Souls In BG3?

Pillar of Souls in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a mechanic that allows players to fight against Raphael.

However, it is not a mandatory mechanic that players must interact with. 

The Pillar of Souls in Baldur’s Gate 3 allows players to fight against Raphael and fight the Pillars in the House of Hope. However, destroying the Pillars may be a tad bit harder than players expect it to be.

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What Is Pillar Of Souls In Bg3?

The Pillar of Souls is an integral part of fighting Raphael in Baldur’s Gate 3. There are a total of four Pillars of Souls.

However, these Pillars do not show themselves until the fight begins.

Furthermore, players may have difficulty destroying the Pillars because of the swarm of demons that flood the arena during the fight.

However, destroying them may be much easier if the players use various long-range skills or try to move tanky characters to the Pillars.

But not all methods can go according to one’s wishes. Thus, prepare well before heading into the thick of fighting Raphael.

Players can also destroy the Pillars by simply attacking them. Thus, it may be better if players use characters with great attack power and good defenses.

Players must go through a swarm of demons and other mobs during the fight to get to the Pillars.

However, two out of four Pillars are right beside the players, thus, they can start by destroying those and then move on to the harder ones.

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Steps To Reach Pillar Of Souls In Bg3

To reach the Pillar of Souls in Baldur’s Gate 3, players must first enter the House of Hope

Here are a few steps to enter House of Hope:

1. Find Helski

Your first task is to find Helski, an NPC who will lead you to the House of Hope.

Furthermore, to find her, players must first find a shop by the name Devil’s Fee.

The shop is just north of the Lower City Wall.

Once inside the shop, head straight to the second floor. Here, you will meet Helski.

Meet helski in Bg3
Meet Helski in the Devil’s Fee in Baldur’s Gate 3

2. Find The Materials

After you meet Helski, she will tell you that you must enter through a portal to get to House of Hope. 

However, to open the portal, you must bring five ingredients. The ingredients are a Skull, Diamond, Incense, a Coin of Mammon and an Infernal Marble.

Collect materials for portal Bg3
Collect materials for the portal to enter House of Hope in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Additionally, there are two options to obtain the ingredients. The first is to buy it all from Helski. 

You must pay a total fee of 20,000 gold. However, you can haggle up to 10,000 gold

However, if you go to the second floor, you will find a chest with all the ingredients. But you must have excellent lockpicking skills.

Furthermore, you can also find the Infernal Marble in the central chest on the second floor.

You can trade it for all the ingredients to open the portal.

3. Enter The Portal

After the portal opens, you must enter it.

You will teleport to the House of Hope, and the quest to save hope will begin.

However, players can also come across another quest, the quest to kill Raphael.

4. Meet Raphael

After the player enters the House of Hope, they should go to the Foyer.

A cutscene will play once they reach the Foyer, and Raphael and Korilla will appear.

Meet raphael and the pillar in foyer Bg3
Head to the Foyer to meet Raphael and the Pillars in Baldur’s Gate 3.

5. Fight Raphael

After some dialogue, you must fight Raphael, where you will come across the Pillar of Souls.

During the battle, the Pillar of Souls will glow around you, which signifies that it strengthens Raphael.

6. Destroy The Pillar Of Souls

There are a total of four Pillars which surround the arena.

Thus, you can move your units in a manner where you can easily destroy Pillars and weaken Raphael.

The easiest method is to use long-range attacks.

But you can also get up close and personal to whack the Pillars and destroy them with your trusty axe.

Destroy pillar of souls bg3
Destroy the Pillar of Souls using attacks in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The Bottom Line

The Pillar of Souls is a great way to test the players’ wits.

This mechanic allows players to make decisions that can help them defeat the boss much faster and more efficiently.

However, it does not mean that destroying the Pillars will result in an easy fight.

Thus, we advise players to make ample preparations before heading into the fight against Raphael and his forces.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in finding the Pillars of Soul and destroying them in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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