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Where Is The Lodge In Society Of Brilliance?

The mysteries surrounding quest items and items in the environment make Baldur’s Gate 3 an exciting game.

Society of Brilliance is a location that carries a secret vault in The Lodge.

The Lodge is a two-story building in the Society of Brilliance that contains a secret vault. The Secret vault lies behind the painting in the attic of the building and provides rewards and loot for the player.

Here, we will discuss the Society of Brilliance and its secret vault in great detail.

What Is The Society Of Brilliance?

Society of Brilliance is the society in the game’s environment where various Underdark races live.

The society and its members aim to study the Underdark region.

Each member of the society can teleport once per day.

What Is The Society Of Brilliance Lodge?

The Society of Brilliance Lodge is located inside the society itself.

It is a small two-story building with many rewards, characters and mystery chests.

The Lodge is only available after you finish the Iron Throne Prison quest.

Moreover, you will meet Omelum, the Society of Brilliance Mind Flayer, inside the Lodge.

Additionally, Omelum is a friendly character who helps the player in return for your cooperation.

Can You Trust Omelum In Society of Brilliance?

Omelum is a Mind Flayer who has escaped his connection with the Mother Brain.

But knowing the game’s history and its mysterious secrets, this could be hard to trust.

However, Omelum is a friendly character trying to experiment and cure the parasite issue in the game.

Upon reaching and interacting with him, he asks you, the player, for some potions to make his cure.

The potions will be found as you play along with the game.

After you find the potion, return to Omelum and drink his potion.

The potion will not do you any serious damage. However, the parasite issue will not be solved.

So, Omelum will gift you the Ring of Mind-Shielding in return for your cooperation.

Moreover, the ring makes you immune from the magic of other creatures’ ability to read your thoughts.

In addition, the ring also helps to avoid other creatures’ powers to know whether you are lying and which creature type you are.

How To Find The Society of Brilliance’s Secret Vault?

Society of Brilliance has a lot of unique reards and loot that you may find beneficial.

In addition, the Lodge in the Society of Brilliance has a secret vault.

Here is a step-by-step process to get to the secret vault:

  1. Finish the Iron Throne Prison quest and go to the Baldur’s Gate point.
Society Of Brilliance The Lodge
The Lodge in the Society of Brilliance.
  1. Then, locate The Lodge and move upstairs.
Society Of Brilliance Lodge
The Lodge is a two-story building in the Society of Brilliance.
  1. Talk with Opeleum upstairs.
  2. Go to the room on the opposite side of the building.
  3. Move upstairs to the attic of the building.
Society Of Brilliance Ladder
The ladder leads towards the attic of the Lodge.
  1. Then, click on the painting of the wall inside of the attic.
Secret of Brilliance painting
The painting is located on the map as a magical journey.
  1. The painting takes you to another room. Inside another room is the secret vault.
the lodge painting on wall
The painting leads to the secret vault.

The Lodge inside the Society of Brilliance carries this secret vault that gives rewards and profits in the form of loot.

So, checking out this secret vault can be beneficial to any player.

Other Things You Can Find In The Society of Brilliance

The Society of Brilliance is also home to many other rewards and treasures.

Here are some of the things that you can find inside the Society of Brilliance:

  1. A Traveller’s Chest includes several rewards such as gold, gems and a healing potion.
  2. Several books and scrolls contain information about the Mindflayer and its experiences.
  3. A Ring of Mind-Shielding provided by Opeleum, the Society of Brilliance Mind Flayer.
  4. A secret vault inside the Lodge.

How To Find The Society Of Brilliance Traveller’s Chest?

Here is a step-by-step guide to find the Society of Brilliance Traveller’s chest:

  1. Go to Myconid Colony, where Blurg and Omeleum are present.
  2. The Traveller’s chest is located where Blurg and Omeleum interact.
  3. Blurg has the key to the chest, so you will have to sneak the keys past him.
Society of Brilliance Travellers Chest
Society of Brilliance Travellers Chest is located in the Myconid Colony.
  1. To do so, you have to pickpocket the key out of Blurg.
  2. After successfully securing the keys, the Traveller’s Chest can be opened, and the reward will be all yours.

Furthermore, several rewards are present in the Traveller’s Chest.

Some of them are:

  • A scroll of aid
  • Gold
  • A scroll of speaking with dead
  • A scroll of hold person

The Bottom Line

Society of Brilliance is a location in Baldur’s Gate 3 where people of Underdark races live.

The location consists of several rewards and treasures, including the secret vault of the Lodge and the Traveller’s Chest.

The Lodge is a two-story building inside the Society of Briilliance with a secret vault.

So, what are you waiting for? Play the game to unveil the mysteries surrounding the world of Baldur’s Gate 3.

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