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Explore About Pinku Pawlette In Brawl Stars

Pinku Pawlette is a new skin introduced in the free tier rewards of season 22 Starr Toon Studios in Brawl Stars. 

Players have the chance to obtain the skin after purchasing the brawl pass and reaching tier 50 in season 22. 

To obtain Pinku Pawlette skin in Brawl stars you must buy the Brawl pass for $6.99 and reach tier 50. Furthermore, you must also unlock 950 XP which will give you a legendary star drop for free.

Continue reading to find out more about Pinku Pawlette and its abilities in Brawl Stars.

What Is Pinku Pawlette In Brawl Stars?

Pinku Pawlette is the new brawl pass skin from season 22 in brawl stars which is catching the attention of many players.

You can get the Pinku skin when you win rewards from the tiers in Brawl stars.

However, to obtain rewards from the tiers you must buy the brawl pass in the game.

Furthermore, Pinku Pawlette is the skin of the brawler named Colette in Brawl Stars.

Pinku pawlette in brawl stars
Pinku Pawlette is an adorable and colorful addition to the brawl stars family in season 22.

When you buy the brawl pass you can get the skin for Collete in one of the free rewards.

In addition, Collete attacks enemies by throwing projectiles like black hearts.

But when Collete gets the Pinku skin she starts throwing a cup of hot tea as her projectile attack.

Collete also has a super attack where she dashes forward by damaging enemies in her path and pushes them.

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Skill Set Of Pinku Pawlette In Brawl Stars

Pinku Pawlette is a damage dealer who has a health point of 6800 in the game.

This skin has the incredible power of 11 with an attack force of 2000.

Furthermore, Pinku Pawlette’s skin has pink hair, a big paw glove, and a flying pet.

1. Pinku Pawlette Main Attack Animation

This skin has an impressive long-range attack during the battle in Brawl Stars.

Likewise, the skin has a main attack animation that attacks enemies with a cup of hot tea projectile.

Main attack animation
Collete uses a black heart as her main attack animation but with the Pinku Pawlette skin, she uses a cup of hot tea as her projectile attack.

The projectile throws a cup of hot tea to the enemies from afar and deals damage of 1480.

Hence, if you throw three hot tea cup attacks at the enemy with 4000 HP it can instantly kill it.

2. Pinku Pawlette Super Attack Animation

The next strong attack of Pinku Pawllete is the super attack animation.

During the superattack animation, she can thrust directly toward the enemy and push them.

The push attack can damage the enemies and lower their Health by 4000 points.

3. Pinku Pawlette Supercharge And Hypercharge Mode

Pinku Pawllete has 720 movement speed when in normal form and 936 speed when in hypercharge.

When she gets into supercharge mode she has an incredible movement speed of 4000.

Furthermore, her projectile speed is 4000 and she can damage 25% of enemies’ health with supercharge per hit.

During supercharge mode her attack range can travel 11 meters which is very long.

Moreover, she has increased speed by 30%, damage by 25%, and shield by 15% in her hypercharge mode.

Variations Of Pinku Pawlette In Brawl Stars

Pinku Pawlette comes with exclusive Pins and Sprays that you can use to express yourself during matches.

The Pinku skin has three pins with pink, yellow, and green hair which appears on the sidebar during the game.

Furthermore, Pinku Pawlette has two color variations in Brawl Stars.

The pink color Pinku is called Kirro Pawlette and the green color is called Midori Pawlette.

Color variations
Pinku pawlette comes in two color variations which are pink and green but they have the same attacks and features.

Even though there are two variations, both of them have the same effects, cosmetics and animation.

The only thing that sets them apart is how they look due to different color variations like pink and green.

In addition, this skin has also winning and losing animation making the game more fun.

In the Losing Animation, the pet of Pinku Pawlette will draw a mustache and two circles on the eyes with the black marker.

Whereas the skin will do a spin and dance with its pet in the winning animation.

The Bottom Line

As season 22 unfolds, Pinku Pawlette is taking center stage by leaving a lasting impression on players.

Furthermore, season 22 decreases its tiers making players more determined to reach tier 50 for the Pawlette skin.

Hence, this skin adds a splash of color to the battlefield and brings a sense of playfulness to the game.

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