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The Kit Nerf Situation In Brawl Stars

The new Brawler Kit has enraged the Brawl Stars community due to its broken abilities and they are asking for a nerf.

Like every new Brawler, Kit has received game-changing buffs making him the host powerful brawler.

Fans of Brawl Stars are demanding an immediate nerf for the Brawler ‘Kit’ as it is making the game unplayable as he cannot be counterplayed. Some players have even stopped the game until this character is nerfed.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Kit Nerf issue in Brawl Stars.

Who Is Kit In Brawl Stars?

Kit is a new Brawler in Brawl Stars that was released in January 2024 in the game.

Appearance-wise, Kit is a little Cat with black and white shades of color.

Kit in Brawl Stars
The In-game appearance of kit in Brawl Stars.

Additionally, Kit is a Brawler of legendary rarity, meaning that it is quite hard to get.

However, players can instantly unlock the Kit by purchasing the early access pack for 29.99$.

It has one of the fastest movement speeds in the game, making it one of the top picks.

In fact, Kit already ranks number one in the toppicked brawler and Star player rate charts.

However, his abilities have caused some distress in the Brawl Star community for being too overpowered.

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Abilities Of Kit In Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars has four attack move sets for each brawler to define themselves on the battlefield.

Similarly, here are all the attack sets for Kit with their description in the game:

  • Kit’s Star Power is Power Hungry, increasing his damage output for each power cube.
  • His Gadget Cardboard Box allows Kit to become invisible for a certain duration.
Kit's ability in brawl stars
All abilities and descriptions of Kit in the game.
  • Overly Attached allows Kit to attach with his ally brawler for increased damage output.
  • Lastly, Cheeseburger heals himself and the friendly Brawler he is attached to for a specific time.

Hence, players can assume that Kit is a support character due to his co-op moves with ally brawlers.

Why Should Kit Receive The Nerf?

Players online are unhappy with Kit’s move set as he is breaking the Brawl Stars’s competitive ladder.

Specifically, Kit dominates some game modes like Showdown where he can recycle his Star Power.

This allows players to almost infinitely spam this move which is not dodgeable in the game.

Additionally, Kit can easily heal himself with the cheeseburger ability whenever he is low on health.

Furthermore, Kit can go invisible to dodge any incoming attacks, making him very sly.

online reddit discussion
Players discussing reasons why Kit should get the Nerf via a Reddit discussion thread.

Because of these reasons, players are discussing this Kit situation via a Reddit discussion thread.

Even the content creators of the game and pros have addressed this situation through social media.

The Bottom Line

Kit will surely receive a Nerf in the upcoming update due to the magnitude of hate it is getting online.

Hence, players should use this Brawler while they can to rank higher on the ladder.

Therefore, they must participate in the Brawl Stars discussion community to learn more about this issue.

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