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One Peace Challenge Of Bitlife: Own A Pirate Ship

BitLife is a mobile life simulation game where you control a character’s life choices that impact their overall story.

This has brought a new challenge named One Peace Challenge as the latest weekly challenge in the game.

The One Peace challenge in Bitlife requires players to complete various challenges with owning a pirate ship that comes in the last. To own a pirate ship, you must have a boat driving license and can purchase it from the Asset tab at the bottom of the list.

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What Is One Peace Challenge In Bitlife?

One Peace Challenge is a new weekly challenge added to Bitlife where you need to complete various tasks for rewards.

Based on the challenge image, name, and tasks, it should be easy for you to recognize that it’s all about Luffy.

One Peace Challenge
Featuring image for One Peace Challenge in Bitlife.

Further, you will start the challenge as a boy from Brazil and you should complete the task to own a Pirate Ship.

As you know, in One Peace anime how important is a Pirate Ship for Luffy for exploring the adventurous journey.

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How To Complete One Peace Challenge In Bitlife?

Completing One Peace Challenge requires the completion of all the tasks included in the challenge list of Bitlife.

So, before heading towards owning a pirate ship make sure to complete all the challenges in an order of list.

One Peace Tasks
Complete these tasks to complete the One Peace Challenge.

Here are the ways to complete the One Peace Challenge in the game:

1. Be Born A Male In Brazil

Being born in a specific country is much easier than trying our hardest to be born in a specific state.

All you need to do is surrender your current life and start up a new life but remember to create a custom one.

Born in Brazil
Select this option to be born in Brazil.

Then, you can select the country option as Brazil to be born there.

2. Befriend A Man From Japan

The best way to befriend somebody from a certain place is to just travel to that location and start looking for friends.

You can emigrate or go on a vacation to make friends just by clicking the option in the Activities tab.

3. Befriend A woman from Norway

Make sure to visit Norway by following the same steps as visiting Japan and finding a woman to be friends with.

The problem is that the option of travelling may not show up simultaneously and you should apply for access.

4. Pirates 5+ Porches

To begin with, we’ll want to head over to the Activities tab, Crime menu, and select the Porch Pirate option.

Choose a neighborhood house, then grab the package sitting on its porch and repeat it 5 times to progress Challenge.

How To Own A Pirate Ship In Bitlife?

Owning a pirate ship comes in the last part of the challenge list after completing the Porches challenge.

This is also a main part where players fail to complete their tasks as they are unaware of the steps.

Own A Pirate Ship
Purchase the Pirate Ship from the Shopping option.

Players can simply follow these steps to Own a Pirate Ship.

  1. Own a boating License: Select a Boating License, and have at least $345 on hand to pass the test and proceed.
  2. Go To Shopping Option: Head over to the Assets tab, scroll down to the bottom, and select the “Go Shopping” option.
  3. Select the boat dealer: Near the bottom of the menu, you’ll see a list of specialty vehicle dealers.
  4. Purchase a pirate ship: Once you are in the boat dealer option find Pirate Ship and buy it.

The Bottom Line

The One Peace Challenge in BitLife invites players to navigate the complexities and actively choose peace over conflict.

The challenge involves a series of tasks for players to complete including owning a Pirate ship in Bitlife.

Thus, players can follow the above steps to complete the One Peace Challenge in Bitlife to gain exclusive rewards.

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