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Find Out The New Model Job Pack Update In BitLife

The new drop of the Model Job Pack is bringing excitement as it comes with new features to Bitlife.

Furthermore, the new features have a bunch of cool new stuff that allows players to get their hands on a virtual modeling career.

BitLife Model Job Pack is now available to IOS users and it comes up with new updates that are giving the game a realistic approach. In the new update, you can create your portfolio by taking a headshot picture and applying for modeling agencies to get a modeling contract.

Continue reading to find out more about the new updates in the Bitlife model job pack.

What Is BitLife Model Job Pack?

The BitLife Model Job Pack is an exciting addition to the BitLife mobile game, where players can have a realistic modeling experience.

Furthermore, the BitLife Model Job Pack gives you a dynamic and immersive modeling experience.

It allows players to navigate the challenges of the modeling industry in Bitlife.

In this game, you can get the combination of auditions and agencies that will give you the excitement of a real modeling career.

BitLife has career options like music, sports, crime, acting and now it also adds modeling to the list.

In addition, you can have fun choosing expressions, outfits, and backgrounds for you to create your virtual persona in BitLife.

You must focus on small details to craft your overall virtual persona and progress in the modeling career in this game.

Hence, to build your persona you can start modeling lessons early as it gives you an advantage in planning your path to success.

New Update To BitLife Model Job Pack

The update introduces exciting features that promise a modeling experience like never before.

Hence, the key elements of the new update of the Model job pack are given below:

  • Have your headshot taken
  • Audition for freelance modeling gigs
  • Join a modeling agency
  • Walk the runway in Fashion Week
  • Receive gifts from fashion designers
  • Sabotage other models’ careers

1. Headshots And Auditions

Firstly, to start your modeling journey you must have a professional headshot picture.

You have the option to get your headshot picture in either grayscale for $250 or full color for $500.

To begin your modeling career in Bitlife, you must start by creating a portfolio by clicking a headshot picture.

In addition, you can also decide how you like to present yourself in the headshot.

For instance, you will get options to choose your outfit like a sundress, background like a waterfall, and expression like a smile.

2. Casting Calls

Once you complete making your headshot the other activities like casting calls and modeling agencies will unlock.

Next, you can audition for freelance modeling gigs and showcase your skills and unique style.

3. Modeling Agencies

Another feature of the Model Job pack is the introduction to new modeling agencies.

Furthermore, you can join a modeling agency to unlock a stream of opportunities in BitLife.

modeling agency
Give good answers to the questions from modeling agencies to have the chance to get a modeling contract.

You can apply for modeling agencies and choose how to model for them by adjusting your attitude, poise, and quirkiness.

Once you submit it, the modeling agency will hire you for a contract to model with details about the position, salary, and commission.

4. Walk A Runway And Receive Gifts

You can show off your style and walk the runway at Fashion Week where you can meet with important people in the fashion industry.

Moreover, you can also get gifts from fashion designers which adds a touch of luxury to your virtual life.

5. Sabotage Other Models’ Careers

The most exciting part is you can create drama and competition in the modeling world by sabotaging other models’ careers.

You can pick from different schemes, using sneaky tactics or even engaging in scandalous actions to get ahead.

Moreover, you will get options to frame the other models in the agency for crimes that will create a police case.

6. Apply For Elite Gigs

You can also participate in Elite Gigs where you can get casting calls from internal brands for modeling contracts.

The Elite Gigs will allow you to become an elite supermodel. However, you must keep upgrading to unlock the elite gigs in BitLife.

Besides, the elite gigs have celebrity models within agencies so it will be fun to compete for the top.

The Bottom Line

The BitLife Model Job Pack gives you a chance to experience a virtual modeling career.

So, you can aim to become a local gig or an elite supermodel in this game by upgrading your portfolio.

Hence, give good answers to the questions from agencies to have the chance to get hired and progress in your modeling career.

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