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Ultimate Guide To Supermodel In BitLife Poise

Bitlife is a life simulation game that allows you to live different lives and experience various scenarios.

Similarly, you will start as a child and can choose any carrier and other features to begin with.

One of the careers you can pursue in Bitlife is becoming a supermodel, which requires a quirk of poise, attitude, and quirkiness. Furthermore, to become a supermodel you will need to start with local gigs and climb up to elite gigs.

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What Is Poise In Bitlife?

Poise is a new attribute that was introduced in the BitLife model update.

It measures how confident and graceful you are as a model.

Poise affects your chances of getting hired, promoted, and paid well in the modeling career.

It also influences how well you perform in photo shoots, commercials, and runway shows.

How To Become A Supermodel In BitLife?

Becoming a supermodel in Bitlife is not easy, as it requires a lot of hard work, luck, and talent.

You also need to start your modeling career as early as possible and work your way up from the bottom.

Here are some steps you can follow to achieve your dream:

1. Start Your Career With Freelance Gigs

You should graduate from high school with good grades and high looks.

Apply for a job as a foot model or a hand model when you turn 18.

These jobs are easier to get and can help you gain some experience and fame.

Apply for a job
Apply for a job as a foot model or a hand model.

2. Join An Agency

Look for a reputable agency that can represent you and offer you better gigs.

Be careful which agency you pick, as some of them may have shady contracts or low pay.

You can also try to quit and join another agency if you are not satisfied with your current one, but this may not always work.

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3. Build Your Reputation

Accept any gigs that are offered to you, even if they are low-paying or risky.

You need to build your portfolio and reputation as a model, and every gig counts.

However, read carefully what is expected from you, as some gigs may have specific requirements or challenges.

4. Answer The question Carefully

Answer the questions during the photo shoots correctly.

The questions are designed to test your poise, attitude, and quirkiness.

You can use your common sense and creativity to answer the question.

5. Get Into Elite Gigs

Try to get into elite gigs, which are the highest-paying and most prestigious gigs in the modeling industry.

Elite gigs are only available for supermodels, which means you need to have a high level of beauty and fame.

You can check your status as a supermodel by looking at the career tab in the game.

Check your supermodel status
Check your supermodel status in the career tab.

How To Strike A Pose With Quirks?

One of the most fun and challenging aspects of the BitLife model update is striking a pose with quirks.

This is a mini-game that you will encounter when you do photo shoots, commercials, or runway shows.

You will be given a prompt, such as “pose like a cat” or “pose like a superhero.”

Similarly, there will be three options where you can change the attributes of attitude, poise, and quirkiness.

Strike a pose with quirks
Strike a pose with quirks in Bitlife.

These can influence how you will strike a pose which can be very difficult.

So the best way to adjust the attribute is to know the meaning behind them and adjust the level according to the request.

Likewise, the meaning of attitude is for confidence, poise is for classiness and elegance, and quirkiness is for weirdness.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, poise is an important factor in becoming a supermodel in Bitlife.

You need to have a high level of beauty and fame, as well as a lot of talent, hard work, and luck.

You also need to know how to strike a pose with a quirk, which can showcase your personality and style.

By following the tips and steps in this article, you can achieve your dream of becoming a supermodel in Bitlife.

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