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Pitcher Plant In Dreamlight Valley: The Mysterious Beauty

In the colorful world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can collect several plants and the Pitcher Plant is one of them.

The Pitcher Plant is a distinctive plant that has a role in crafting, gifting, and gardening, unlike any other plant.

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can collect varieties of pitcher plants like the Orange Pitcher Plant, Red Pitcher Plant, and Yellow Pitcher Plant. Similarly, all three varieties of the Pitcher Plants can be found in The Grove located at The Lagoon.

Continue reading to learn more about the Pitcher Plant in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: An Overview Of Pitcher Plant

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players must collect plants or flowers to build other valuable resources.

Besides crafting materials, plants are another crafting resource that players can collect to craft things like Flowerpots, birdhouses, etc.

Dream Light Valley has a wide variety of flowers and plants, each having its significance and use.

Unlike other Plants, a  Pitcher Plant has its unique distinctive charm which separates it from normal flowers.

Moreover, the Pitcher Plant is one of the carnivorous plants that players encounter in the game.

Likewise, these plants can trap the insects in it, and use it for their food, so these plants are also called insectivorous plants.

So as you traverse around the gardens of the Disney Dreamlight Valley, try collecting Pitcher Plants as they are part of quests.

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Discovering The Pitcher Plant In Dreamlight Valley

As Dreamlight Valley presents a wide variety of plants it is essential to locate the precise location of the Pitcher Plant.

Similarly, players must travel to the lush and mysterious garden of the Grove to locate the Pitcher Plant.

Upon navigating to the Botanical Garden of the Grove, players can find the Pitcher Plants near the entrance to the Lagoon.

Likewise, players can find the Grove, Lagoon in the northeast section of the Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Dreamlight Valley Pitcher plant
The player finds the Pitcher Plant in the Grove.

To be precise, players can locate the Pitcher Plant in the Wild Tangle Biome, so walk around the area and collect it.

Moreover, there are three types of Pitcher Plants: Red Pitcher Plant, Yellow Pitcher Plant, and Orange Pitcher Plant.

As players travel to this location they have to look for the Pitcher Plant as there are other captivating plants too.

Pitcher Plant: Usage And Harvesting

In Disney Dream Light, players have to harvest the Pitcher Plant for some of the essential quests in the game.

Similarly, during their journey to the Grove, players will encounter the Swarming Insects near the Lagoon’s entrance.

Upon witnessing the Swarming Insects during their collection of the Pitcher Plant, players have to capture the photograph.

Dream Light Valley pitcher plant hunting
A player is searching for the Pitcher Plant in Dreamlight Valley.

After taking the photograph, players have to present it to Rapunzel, so in return, Rapunzel provides players with some tasks.

Similarly, to complete Rapunzel’s task, players have to harvest some of the specific Pitcher Plants.

Harvesting Pitcher Plants

Rapunzel provided players the task of collecting the varieties of the Pitcher Plants to create Carnivorous Floral Arrangements.

So to fulfill his orders, players must find the specific Pitcher Plant to complete this quest.

For this quest, Rapunzel asks players to collect the 4  Red Pitcher Plants and 4 Yellow Pitcher Plants respectively.

Players must navigate through the Wild Tangle Biome to complete this quest to collect these plants.

The Bottom Line

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can collect various crafting materials, exquisite plants, and flowers.

Similarly, the Pitcher Plant is the carnivorous plant that is needed to complete the crafting of the Carnivorous Floral Arrangements.

Players have to navigate through the Wild Tangle Biome to collect the specific Pitcher Plants.

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