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Threads App Stock Price – What You Must Know

Threads app is currently taking the spotlight after its debut last week.

The application is a text-first social media application and shares similarities with Twitter.

However, unlike Twitter, it does not contain a lot of limitations.

Meta the parent company of the Threads app is seeing one of the highest percentage of rise in their stock value. However, since the stock price for the Threads app is still not available to the public, it is safe to say that it is better to invest in Meta.

Continue reading to learn about the Threads app, its parent company Meta and the stock price for Meta.

What Is Threads App?

Threads app is a text-first social media which is very similar to Twitter and also a text-first social media.

Threads app debuted on July 6th, 2023 and is getting great reviews even though the app is lacking in certain features.

Users can download the application from the app store of iOS and Android. Additionally, users can access Threads from its website as well.

However, the functionality of the website is not as robust as the application.

Since the debut of the Threads app, various influencers and investors have been investing in the stock for the application.

How To Buy Threads App Stock?

You cannot buy Threads app stock but invest in its parent company, Meta.

Meta is the parent company for many social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and the Threads application.

Thus, if you invest in Meta, you will be able to convert that stock to greater value as Meta improves its technology.

Additonally, you can check the stock prices for Meta at

Currently, it shows the stock price for Meta. However, when the stock for the Threads app becomes public, you can visit the website to invest and buy stocks.

Keep reading and explore the pros and cons of the Threads app and possible fixes for content not available errors.

What Is Threads App Stock Price?

Currently, the stock for the Threads app is not available to the public.

However, the stock price of its parent company Meta is; thus, investing in Meta will benefit investors in the long run.

As of today, the price for Meta stock is $293.20.

This is the price of the stock as of writing this article however, the price is constantly rising and falling by a few decimal points.

Stock price of meta
The stock price of Meta is currently on the rise.

Moreover, comparing last week’s price, the stock price of Meta is up by 2.15%.

However, the percentage is still fluctuating, but we can expect the percentage to rise in the next few weeks.

Meta stock percentage of last week
Meta stock percentage compared to last week

Additionally, this data is collected from, you can buy and sell stocks for various companies from this website.

The Bottom Line

Meta the parent company for the Threads app has seen tremendous increment in their stock prices after the debut of the Threads app.

Furthermore, various investors can expect the stock prices to rise even further with the success of the Threads app.

Thus, users and investors should keep an eye out for the stock prices of both Meta and the Threads app when it is available to the public.

Hopefully, this article can inform you about the stock prices for the Threads app and the Meta company.

Continue reading to learn how to uninstall the Threads app and restrict its account
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