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Can You Use Plankton AI For Free?

Plankton AI is an artificial intelligence that can voice over any content.

However, the users of the voice-over must provide the content to the Plankton AI. 

Plankton AI mimics the character from SpongeBob. However, users wanting to use the voice-over of Plankton AI may find that the Plankton AI is not free to use. 

Continue reading to explore what Plankton AI is and if it is free.

What Is Plankton AI? 

Plankton AI is a voice-over AI that allows users to create voice-overs in the style of Plankton, SpongeBob‘s small and cunning character.

Furthermore, this AI is gaining popularity, especially from social media sites such as TikTok and Shorts

Additionally, users can upload various audio files to convert them into the voice-over by Plankton.

However, the voice-over will only be a couple of seconds. 

The AI voice-over is available for users on Voxbox, Voicify, and TopMediai websites.

How To Use Plankton AI? 

Users who find the Plankton voice-over interesting can access the voice-over from various websites.

One of the most popular voice-over websites is TopMediai

Access the PlanktonAI through website
You can access the voice-over through the website.

Here you can find the steps to use Plankton AI voice-over.

1. Choose A Song Or Some Lengthy Sentences

First, choose your favorite song or any song you want to have the Plankton AI voice-over.

Furthermore, if you want the AI to speak a script for your video, you can type it out and have the AI voice over it.


Search for the PlanktonAI
Search for the PlanktonAI and choose your favourite song.

2. Upload The Content To Voice-Over

After you select the content that needs the plankton AI voice-over, you must upload the content on a site that provides you with the voice-over. 

Upload content to use PlanktonAI
Upload content for the voice-over after you select PlanktonAI.

However, most websites will only allow you to make the Plankton AI voice-over for a few seconds, similar to the Shorts. 

3. Download The Voice-Over Content

Finally, you need to download the content with the voice-over and post it wherever you prefer. 

For this, click the Download button and choose the format you want to save the voice-over.

Moreover, you can choose between MP3, OGG, or WAV files.

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Can You Use Plankton AI For Free? 

No! The Plankton AI is not free. However, using AI is not as expensive as people expect. 

Many websites providing the feature need the users to spend a certain amount of tokens to use the AI.

However, some websites may contain free variants but with fewer features. 

But, the issue with such websites can be the users’ privacy breach. Thus, we advise you not to look for such websites and pay a low fare to use the voice-over officially. 

Additionally, the voice-over is commercially usable. Thus, the chances of running into copyright issues are very slim. 

The Bottom Line

Voice-over AIs are very useful for content creation. Furthermore, the Plankton AI brings a childhood character back to life again after many years. 

However, the voice-over service is not free, so some users might choose not to use it for their content.

Hopefully, this article can help you find and use the Plankton AI for your content. 

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