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Pokémon Go: Explore The New Event In The Day Of The Dead

In Pokemon Go, players can now enjoy the new event, the Day of the Dead, which celebrates the Mexican Holiday, Dia de los Muertos.

This new event brings exciting challenges and additions, including costumed Cubone and Marowak.

In Pokemon Go, players can now enjoy the new event, the Day of the Dead, from November 1st, 2023, at 10 a.m. to November 2nd, 2023, at 8 P.M. Moreover, in this event, players can encounter the shiny costumed Cubone as a new Pokemon. 

Continue reading to learn more about the event, Day of the Dead in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go: An Overview Of The Day Of The Dead Event 

In Pokemon Go, players can enjoy the new event, the Day of the Dead, during the Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos.

Besides that, this event also offers several bonuses, new stickers and avatar items for the Pokemon Trainers.

Moreover, during this event, players can encounter special spawns, participate in event-specific tasks and hunt for the Shiny Pokemon.

Pokemon Debuts in the day of the dead
Players can find custom Cubone and Marowak during this new event.

Players can also enjoy the special event boxes released during the event; they will be listed after the event starts.

Furthermore, players can complete several particular Field Research Tasks in this event to encounter many Pokemon.

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The Day Of The Dead: New Pokemons

Like the previous year, one of the main highlights of this year’s Day of the Dead event is Costumed Cubone.

Last year, Duskull and its evolution family were introduced in the Day of the Dead event during Dia de los Muertos.

Similarly, during this event, players can experience the vibrant and colorful decorations inside the Pokemon world.

If players are lucky enough, they can encounter the festive costumed Cubone in the wild without unlocking them as the reward.

Players can encounter some of the Pokémon listed below during this event.

  • Costumed Cubone: Players can find this costumed Cubone in the wild or unlock them as a reward through Field Research tasks.
  • Costumed Marowak: Similarly, players can obtain costumed Marowak after catching a Cubone wearing a Cempasuchil Crown.
  • Costumed Duskull: Players can also catch last year’s favorite costumed Duskull from the wild encounters.
  • Costumed Dusclops: Trainers can evolve a costumed Dusclops with 25 Duskull Candies to unlock this attire.
  • Costumed Dusknoir: Also, players can obtain the regal costumed Dusknoir by evolving a costumed Dusclops with 100 Duskull candies.

Besides that, players can also encounter various Pokemon in the wild, such as Sunkern, Sableye, Roselia, Drifloon etc.

Pokémon appearing in Wild
In Pokémon Go, players can encounter several Pokémon in the wild.

Moreover, players can also attract particular Pokemon by activating the incense and lure modules in the wild.

Pokemon like Sunflora, Houndour, Roselia, Sunkern, Drifloon etc, can appear after you activate the incense and lure modules.

Pokemon Go: The Day Of The Dead Event Bonuses

Along with some event-specific features, this event provides several bonuses to make your gaming experience more enjoyable and fun.

Let’s discuss some of the bonuses from this event below:

  1. Double Catch Candy: Players can accumulate multiple candies for effect power-ups and evolutions during this event.
  2. Increased Incense and Lure Module Duration: In this event, the incense and lure modules will last twice as long as the usual time period.
  3. Double Transfer Candy: Players can double the amount of candy and gain valuable resources by transferring the Pokemon.
  4. Exclusive Stickers: Similarly, players can obtain papel-inspired event-themed stickers by spinning Pokestops and opening gifts.
  5. Avatar Items: Finally, players can get a themed t-shirt and face paint which can be purchased in-game shop.
Event Bonuses in Pokemon Go
Players can enjoy multiple bonuses in this new event.

The Bottom Line

The Pokemon Go Day of the Dead event only lasts for a short period but comes with thrilling celebrations and bonuses.

Similarly, this event introduces the new costumed Cubone and frequently spawns the Duskull which adds next-level excitement.

Players can enjoy the new event by capturing the costumed Pokemon and engaging in Field Reasearch tasks.

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