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Explore The Ahri Buff In League Of Legends Patch 14.2

The new 14.2 patch in League of Legends adds a new buff to the Ahri abilities to enhance the gameplay.

Furthermore, the 14.2 patch brings a lot of improvements in the champions of LOL by balancing changes, bug fixes, and new features.

There are several modifications and changes to Ahri’s abilities with the new buff of patch 14.2 in League of Legends. Hence, you can find changes to Ahri’s attack speed, mana costs, and ratios across her abilities, including Orb of Deception, Fox-Fire, Charm, and Spirit Rush.

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Who Is Ahri In League Of Legends?

Ahri is a champion in the popular online multiplayer game League of Legends.

She is a versatile mage-assassin known for her agility, charm, and ability to manipulate magic.

Furthermore, Ahri is also known as The Nine Tail Fox as she possesses impressive burst damage and crowd control abilities.

Ahri buff League of legends
Orb Of Deception Ability, Fox Fire, Charm, and Spirit Rush.

Recently, League of Legends patch 14.2 introduced new adjustments to Ahri by refining her abilities and performance.

Hence, the Ahri buff in the new 14.2 patch of League of Legends is creating quite a buzz in the gaming community.

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Ahri Buff In League Of Legends Patch 14.2

The 14.2 patch enhances Ahri’s abilities and her overall performance and statistics in the game.

These adjustments aim to fine-tune Ahri’s performance for a more balanced and strategic experience for players.

1. Balance In Attack Speed

There is a slight decrease in Ahri’s speed with the new patch to balance her gaming mechanics.

Hence, her attack speed is now slightly lower at 0.625 from 0.668.

New patch 14.2 Ahri buff LOL
The new patch 14.2 brings a lot of transformations in Ahri’s abilities and power, giving us a new buff.

However, her attack speed growth has increased to 2.2% from 2%, and the attack windup is also faster at 20% instead of 20.0535%.

The reason behind these changes in Ahri’s stats is to balance her attack speed and give more smoother experience to the players.

2. Improvements In Orb Of Deception Ability

Ahri has an impressive Orb of deception ability and the new patch 14.2 adds more to its effectiveness.

For instance, the mana cost of Orb of deception is 55/65/75/85/95 now which was 60/70/80/90/100 previously.

The Orb of Deception Ability Power (AP) per hit is also higher now at 45% compared to the previous 40%.

Hence, these improvements help Ahri players in the early stages of the game by making it easier on their mana.

3. Balance The Power Of Fox Fire

Another core ability of Ahri in League of Legends is Fox Fire which also undergoes some changes in the new patch.

Furthermore, the mana cost for Ahri’s Fox Fire increases to 30 which was previously 25.

You can also find a reduction in the base damage of Fox fire as it is reduced to 50/75/100/125/150 from 60/85/110/135/160.

However, these reductions help you balance the power of Fox fire during battles in the game.

4. Enhanced Crowd Control Ability

Ahri, the nine-tail fox, is extremely good at crowd control in the game, so the new patch enhances it even more.

You can use Ahri’s crowd-control ability and the Charm for strategic decision-making.

However, the mana cost for The Charm is increased to 60 from 50 in the new patch 14.2.

5. Balance The Ult’s Damage Output

Ahri’s most iconic ultimate ability in League of Legends is the Spirit Rush which also has some improvements in patch 14.2.

The base damage for the ultimate Spirit Rush reduces to 60/90/120 from 70/110/150 to balance its damage output.

However, the Ability Power (AP) ratio of the Spirit Rush has increased to 35% from 25%.

The reason is to make the ult more impactful without it being too powerful at different points.

The Bottom Line

The recent Ahri buff helps keep Ahri strong in battles and makes the early part of the game more interesting.

Ahri has become even stronger in battles, allowing players to dominate the field with ease.

Hence, playing Ahri as your champion will be both smooth and rewarding for skillful players.

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