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Complete The Celestial Guardians Quest In Prince Of Persia

Players are curious about how to complete the Celestial Guardians’ quest in the Prince of Persia.

Furthermore, players must scatter around the places in the east, west, north, and south to complete the Celestial Guardians quest.

To complete the Celestial Guardians quest in Prince of Persia, players must summon all four celestial guardians residing in all four directions on the map. Additionally, use a special arrow to shoot in the sky while inside a white circle to summon the guardians.

Continue reading to learn more about the Celestial Guardians in Prince of Persia.

What Is Celestial Guardians Quest In Prince Of Persia?

The Celestial Guardians is the main quest that players must complete in Prince of Persa The Lost Crown.

Furthermore, the Celestial Guardian quest is about summoning four celestial gods to save Ghassan from the past.

In this quest, Sargon must summon the Guardian of the Eastern Sky by using one of the arrows that Azhdaha gave him.

Azdaha is a giant snake who guides you through the Celestial guardian’s quest with information.

The Celestial Guardians quest
You must summon all 4 guardians to complete the Celestial Guardians quest in Prince of Persia.

In addition, Sargon can only save Ghassan in a bubble from the past after he successfully summons all four celestial guardians.

To summon all four Celestial guardians, you must go east, west, north, and south using the map.

Similarly, you will encounter enemies, boss fights, and obstacles on your way to summon the celestial guardians.

To complete the Celestial Guardians quest in Prince of Persia, you must complete the following tasks:

  • Summon Tascheter Guardian of the East
  • Summon Venant Guardian of the West
  • Summon Haftorang Guardian of the North
  • Summon Satevis Guardian of the South
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Complete The Celestial Guardians Quest In Prince Of Persia

Summoning the celestial guardians of the North, South, and West is not too hard but summoning the guardian of the West is a difficult task.

Hence, you can follow the guide below to summon all four celestial gods and complete the quest easily.

1. Summon Satevis Guardian Of The South

After talking with Azhdada, you must enter the main gate of a broken tower to the bridge with a white circle.

To summon Satevis, who is the Guardian of the South, you must go inside the white circle and interact with it.

Next, you must shoot the arrow that was given by Azdaha to the one big star in the sky.

Satevis guadian
Summoning the Satevis guardian is the easiest task in the quest as you have to take an arrow from Azdaha and shoot in the sky.

When the arrow touches the star, it will trigger the constellation of the celestial guardian, Satevis, to appear.

Hence, the task of summoning the Satevis concludes after you see his image in the sky.

Next, go back to Azdaha to obtain a Simurgh feather which transforms into Gravity wings and allows you to leap in mid-air with a jump.

2. Summon Tascheter Guardian Of The East

To summon the Tascheter guardian, you must travel east and fight bosses, obstacles, and enemies.

Furthermore, Tascheter Guardian is a little difficult to find as his location is hidden in a faraway and mysterious spot in the east.

I. Fast Travel To Haven

First, you must fast-travel to the Haven which is full of enemies that you must kill to progress in the quest.

You will find the Wak Wak tree in various locations of the Haven so interact with it to refill your health, arrows, and potions.

Then, change-equipped amulets and Athra surge by interacting with the Wak Wak tree.

II. Encounter Orod Boss Fight

While traveling east to summon the celestial guardian you will also encounter Orod Boss fight in a ship.

After defeating the Orod boss, you will unlock the Athra Surge, a devastating whirlwind attack.

Guardian of the east
Summoning Taschter Guardian requires you to travel through Haven and encounter Orod boss fight to reach the summoning point.

Hence, you can use this attack to throw enemies in the air and smash them violently to the ground.

III. Summoning Taschter Guardian

After defeating the Orod boss, you can summon the Tascheter Guardian of the East by shooting an arrow from the white circle in the sky.

Furthermore, the summoning of the Taschter completes after you see the constellation making an image of him in the sky.

Next, you must travel back to the Haven using the teleporting machine on the ship.

3. Summon Of Haftorang Guardian Of The North

You must go to the Sacred Archive to find the path to the green door in the game.

The green door will lead to the upper city west where you must battle enemies and obstacles to reach the point for summoning.

Furthermore, you can summon the Guardian of the North after you reach Upper City West skipping the obstacles.

To reach the Upper City West, you must enter the Hall of Divination.

In addition, you can access the Hall of Divination after entering the Simurgh gate beyond the palace doors.

Hence, go to the white circle in the upper city and shoot the arrow to summon Haftorang guardian of the North.

4. Summon Venant Guadian Of The West

To find Venant you must travel to the west by fighting all the obstacles on the way.

As you travel west for the summoning, you will encounter Menolias Boss fight.

When you kill Menolias, you will unlock the chakram shadow of Simurgh’s ability, which allows you to teleport into places.

guardian of the west
To reach the summoning point of Venant, you must kill Menolias.

You will also unlock Rashnu’s judgment, a super powerful counterattack from the ground.

After killing Menolias, use your map to find the white circle in the west.

Hence, you can complete the summoning of Venant task by shooting an arrow in the sky which forms the Venant constellation.

The Bottom Line

The Celestial Guardians’ quest in The Lost Crown adds a lot of excitement to the story.

Overall, it encourages players to explore different parts of Persia where summoning each guardian brings a new challenge.

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