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How To Find Derelict Ship In Starfield?

In Starfield, players can access different kinds of derelict ships, which can differ in shape and size. 

The derelict ship can contain various inventories and can be found in various locations.

The derelict ship’s location in Starfield can vary from player to player due to game progression, played missions, unlocked locations and other game factors. If players are lucky, they can find ships, including the UC Longsword and Colander.

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Derelict Ship In Starfield

Starfield contains hundreds of ships that players can buy, sell, customize, or obtain after completing various missions.

Moreover, players can encounter the ships randomly when exploring the planets, moons or space.

abandones ship in starfield
Find the ship in the planet.

 Players can find ships that are in bad condition and abandoned by the factions or characters.

There are also derelict ships, including the UC Longsword, which players can encounter in a particular quest.

In addition, players can also find creepy creatures in a few derelict ships and pirates, which players must beat to obtain the items.

Players can extract the crates and weapons and even access computers to overcome some derelict ships’ security doors.

Moreover, players may need a headtorch and solid armory before entering these ships.

Finding The Derelict Ship

If players are willing to find the derelict ship for an experience or obtain the items in Starfield, follow the procedure;

1. Travel To Wolf System

The locations of the derelict ships may vary for different players due to the game’s progression.

Some players may or may not have access to certain planets or haven’t played specific events.

The ships can appear randomly while players engage in events or explore the solar system.

Nonetheless, players should travel to the Wolf system, which can be seen in the bottom right of the Sol.

Head to the Wolf System.

2. Board The Derelict Ship

When players explore the Wolf system and are close to the Ethera, they might find a Derelict ship.

starfield derelict ship
Search for the derelict ship in the Wolf System.

Further, players should dock and board the UC Longsword ship after the cut-scene appears.

3. Explore The UC Longsword Ship

After players board the ship must enter the habs from the door. 

Players must try to extract previous items and inventories from the ship.

Moreover, multiple crew and citizens can be seen inside the ships when exploring the place.

The dead body of the UC Longsword crew member.

Make sure to loot the dead bodies to get gun ammo, credits, ripshank, and other materials that can add value.

4. Head To The Cockpit

Players can also gather a few pieces of evidence to know the background of the ship.

Moreover, players can read the text log and listen to the audio of the ship crew log from the cockpit about the ship.

Enter the cockpit of the abandoned ship.

Make sure to extract every part and body in the ship and grab all the valuable items.

Later, players can destroy the ship or add it to the fleet to sell it to the vendor or the ship technician.

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The Bottom Line

The derelict ship can be found in any of the Starfield Planets or the space when players explore them.

Players can find derelict ships, including the haunted and giant ships or even some with interlopers, which is a frightening enemy.

Lastly, if any players find the ship, it can not necessarily exist for the other players due to game mechanics and progression.

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