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Explore About Tarkov Ammo Shortage Event

Every month, Escape from Tarkov introduces limited-time events that offer unique in-game activities.

Events provide players new challenges, gameplay mechanics, materials, and items for a limited time.

Ammo Shortage is one of the events in Escape from Tarkov, which contains a quest called The Punisher – Harvest. The event aims to test game balance and player behavior under conditions of scarcity and increased difficulty.

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What Is Tarkov Ammo Shortage Event?

Ammo Shortage event is a limited-time activity that was started on November 25, 2023.

It will last until the next wipe, which is expected to happen in early December.

The event is happening to test new gameplay features and mechanics and give players a fresh challenge before the next wipe.

ammo shortage event
Ammo Shortage event affects many NATO ammo and local ammo.

Similarly, a wipe is a process that resets all player progress and items, typically performed after a significant update or patch.

The next wipe is expected to happen in early December, along with the patch release.

Furthermore, the upcoming patch will bring new maps, weapons, items, and features.

Changes Of Tarkov Ammo Shortage Event

In the Ammo Shortage event, there are several changes and additions. Here are all of them:

1. Cannot Buy Or Sell Ammunition On The Flea Market

One of the most significant changes of the event is that players cannot trade ammunition on the flea market.

Similarly, Flea market is a player-driven marketplace where they can buy and sell items with each other.

Players must rely on their stash, traders, or looting to obtain ammo for their weapons.

It also affects the traders’ prices and ammo availability, as some types are more scarce and expensive than others.

2. Traders No Longer Offer Armor-Piercing Or High-Penetration Ammunition

Another major change of the event is that armor-piercing and other high-powering ammunition are no longer available to the traders.

Players must find these types of ammo in raids.

Similarly, they can upgrade and customize their equipment and skills in their hideout.

Some weapons and armor are more effective at penetrating than others, affecting overall balance.

3. Quest The Punisher: Harvest

A new quest has been added to The Punisher – Harvest game which Peacekeeper, a trader, gives.

The quest requires the player to eliminate 50 PMC enemies and collect 50 dog tags of level 25+ found in the raid.

The reward for completing the quest is 15000 dollars, T H I C C item case, and ammunition.

How To Survive Tarkov Ammo Shortage Event?

The event presents challenges and opportunities, requiring players to adapt their strategies and tactics.

Here are some tips and suggestions on how to survive the event:

1. Use Ammo Wisely

Since ammo is lacking and expensive, you should avoid wasting it on unnecessary shots or targets.

Additionally, you can aim for the head or other vital areas and use the appropriate ammo for the situation.

For example, use buckshot for close-range enemies and slugs for longer distances.

2. Loot And Craft Ammo

Buying or selling ammo on the flea market is impossible.

So you should search for as much ammo as possible from defeated enemies, crates, or other sources.

Similarly, you can craft ammo in your hideout using various materials and components.

Some ammo types are more accessible to craft than others, so check the requirements before you start.

3. Use Different Weapons And Loadouts

As some types of ammo are no longer available from traders, it’s worth experimenting with different loadouts and weapons to suit the event.

For example, you can use shotguns, which are effective against unarmored targets.

You can also use various types of ammo or pistols, which are cheap and easy to find.

You can also use melee weapons, such as knives or hatchets, which do not require ammo.

4. Complete The New Quest

The new quest, The PunisherHarvest, is an excellent way to earn a Weapon case and practice your shotgun skills.

You can complete the quest on any map, but some maps are better than others for finding and killing Scavs.

The Bottom Line

The Tarkov Ammo Shortage event is a unique and challenging activity that changes the gameplay and mechanics of Escape from Tarkov.

The event challenges players to adapt to limited and expensive ammo while completing a new quest.

Moreover, the event offers players a preview of the upcoming patch and wipe, introducing new content and features to the game.

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