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Prize Parade Event Monopoly Go: Unlock The Treasure Trove

Join the Prize Parade and celebrate the festive season with Monopoly Go.

Land on special spaces and collect event points to unlock unique rewards.

Significantly, don’t miss this chance to win free dice rolls, cash, sticker packs, and more.

Continue reading to learn more about the Prize Parade event in Monopoly Go.

The Prize Parade Event In Monopoly Go

The Prize Parade event is a special event in Monopoly GO that happens occasionally.

During this event, players earn Prize Parade Tickets by completing various tasks.

Thus, you must play the game, complete sets, land on specific spaces, or participate in tournaments.

You can exchange the tickets for prizes at the Prize Parade Shop.

Further, it may include dice, stickers, in-game currency, or rare and exclusive items.

The last time the Prize Parade event happened was in September 2023, as part of the Labor Day Parade event.

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How To Participate In A Prize Parade Event?

To participate in a Prize Parade event, you must collect Prize Parade Tickets by completing various tasks in the game.

Further, you can check the event details in the game to see what you need to do to earn tickets.

Thus, once you have enough tickets, you can exchange them for prizes at the Prize Parade Shop.

The Prize Parade event is not a recurring event but a special event that happens occasionally.

prize parade event
Collect Prize Parade Tickets 

The Rewards For Prize Parade Event

The rewards for the Prize Parade event in Monopoly GO fall into several categories:

1. Dice Rolls

These are the lifeblood of Monopoly GO, allowing you to move around the board and potentially land on lucrative properties.

Generally, Free dice rolls come in various quantities, depending on the event and milestone achieved.

They can be used immediately or saved for later strategic use.

2. Stickers

These purely cosmetic items add a personal touch to your profile and boards.

Further, they come in different rarities (one-star to four-star) and themes, often linked to events or specific properties.

Moreover, you can collect and showcase them on your profile or apply them to your boards for visual flair.

3. In-Game Cash

Monopoly GO’s virtual currency is called M$ or Monopoly Dollars.

Generally, they are used for various in-game purchases, including:

  1. Buying properties to build your Monopoly empire.
  2. Purchasing additional dice rolls for faster board traversal.
  3. Acquiring power-ups and boosters for temporary advantages.
  4. Upgrading your dice and boards for aesthetic customization.

However, earning free M$ through events and gameplay achievements can significantly boost your progress.

4. Exclusive Dice Or Boards

These are special rewards granted for reaching high milestones or participating in specific events.

However, these are often visually distinct from regular dice and boards, featuring unique designs and animations.

They may offer gameplay advantages, like increased dice roll probabilities or property bonuses.

Contrarily, owning exclusive dice and boards can enhance your Monopoly GO experience and showcase your dedication to the game.

milestones monopoly go
The Prize Parade event rewards players for landing on Chance.

Milestones For Prize Parade Event In Monopoly GO

The Prize Parade event in Monopoly Go rewards players for landing on Chance, Community Chest, and Railroad spaces.

Generally, the event lasts for three days and has 50 milestones with different prizes. 

Here are some of the milestones and rewards for the Prize Parade event:

  • 25 Event Points – 1-Star Green Sticker Pack
  • 40 Event Points – 25 Free Dice Rolls
  • 150 Event Points – 90 Free Dice Rolls
  • 375 Event Points – 220 Free Dice Rolls
  • 850 Event Points – 475 Free Dice Rolls
  • 1300 Event Points – 700 Free Dice Rolls
  • 2000 Event Points – 900 Free Dice Rolls
  • 4500 Event Points – 1800 Free Dice Rolls
  • 10000 Event Points – 3500 Free Dice Rolls
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