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Ancient Core Dreamlight Valley: Where To Use It?

Players have been discussing about searching for the Ancient Core in the Dreamlight Valley game.

There are various types of rare items in the game, among which the Ancient Core is one.

Ancient Core in Dreamlight Valley is the in-game item that players can use to craft various types of other items, such as Ancient Cooker, Ancient Gardener, etc.
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What Is Ancient Core In Dreamlight Valley?

Ancient Core is a game resource that players can find to use for crafting other resources.

Moreover, there are various levels in the game where the players can find this item.

In the same way, in level 1 of the game, players can easily find Ancient Core everywhere.

Royal Hourglass
Using the Royal Hourglass in Dreamlight Valley.

However, if you move up to the higher levels such as level 2, level 3, etc, it will be difficult to find this item.

Similarly, players can find the Ancient Core with the help of another item, Royal Hourglass.

Furthermore, the Royal Hourglass allows the players to manipulate time and space for searching any items in the game.

Uses Of Ancient Core In Dreamlight Valley

As far as seen in the game, the Ancient Core is used to craft other rare items in the game.

However, players have not been able to find the exact source of the Ancient Core.

Similarly, you will need Ancient cores of different levels to craft Ancient Cooker and Ancient Gardener.

Moreover, players also need the Ancient core of level 1 to upgrade the Royal Hourglass tool to level 2.

Items Crafted Using Ancient Core

Players can craft the following items using the Ancient Core along with other items:

1. Ancient Cooker

Ancient Cooker is an auto-cooker in Dreamlight Valley that allows players to cook multiple dishes at a time.

Similarly, players need to provide the recipe and all ingredients, then press “Cook” to create the dishes.

However, you will have to create the cooker by yourself first, in order to be able to use it.

Ancient Cooker
Using the Ancient Cooker in Dreamlight Valley.

Furthermore, there are three different types of cookers that you can make which require different items.

Moreover, the basic items you need to make this cooker are Royal Hourglass and Isle’s Time Bending Station.

Additionally, the following are the items you need for three different types of Ancient Cookers:

  1. Basic Ancient Cooker: 2,000 Mist, 2 Ancient Cores (Level 1), 3 Ancient Radiators, 3 Ancient Plates.
  2. Regular Ancient Cooker: 3,500 Mist, 2 Ancient Cores (Level 2), 5 Ancient Radiators, 5 Ancient Plates, 1 Basic Ancient Cooker.
  3. Advanced Ancient Cooker: 5,000 Mist, 2 Ancient Cores (Level 3), 7 Ancient Radiators, 7 Ancient Plates, 1 Regular Ancient Cooker.

2. Ancient Gardener

Ancient Gardner is a game item that allows players to automatically water, plant, and harvest crops.

Moreover, you can place this item in the area you want to plant or water and it will automatically work in its range.

However, while giving the seed for planting, players cannot mix other seeds, meaning seeds have to be the same.

Furthermore, players can create three different types of Ancient Gardeners using various items.

Additionally, the following are the items that you need to create different Ancient Gardeners:

  1. Basic Ancient Gardener: 2,000 Mist, 2 Ancient Cores (Level 1), 3 Ancient Gears, 3 Ancient Pipes.
  2. Regular Ancient Gardener: 3,500 Mist, 2 Ancient Cores (Level 2), 5 Ancient Gears, 5 Ancient Pipes, 1 Basic Ancient Gardener.
  3. Advanced Ancient Gardener: 5,000 Mist, 2 Ancient Cores (Level 3), 7 Ancient Gears, 7 Ancient Pipes, 1 Regular Ancient Gardener.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Ancient Core is one of the rarest items in the Dreamlight Valley game that can be used to create various other items.

Similarly, players can find the Ancient Core anywhere in level 1 and they can use Royal Hourglass to search it in other levels.

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