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Progressive Dating App Feeld Login Not Working

Feeld, an online dating app that facilitates communication between people with like mindsets, is having a problem with Login Not Working.

Unlike other dating apps, users are claiming Feeld is different because it is so simple to use.

Moreover, the dating application has genuine users only.

The most common reason for Feeld Login Not Working is logging in with wrong credentials. Similarly, you can face the issue in the dating app while linking your Email.
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How To Solve Feeld Login Not Working?

Feeld is growing popularity day by day because it is fulfilling its primary goal, making perfect matches for users.

feeld logo
Feeld has a simple yet unique logo with orange background.

Recently, users are facing login issues. Here are some solutions to login not working:

Incorrect Email Address

Ensure you are using the correct email address associated with your Feeld account.

Also, trying to log in with a different email may create a new account or trigger an error message about your phone number already in use.

Using Facebook Credentials

If you created your account with Facebook, log in using Facebook for the fastest access.

You can login with Email as well once you add it. However, there is linking problem if the email doesn’t match with email used in your Facebook.

But if you have the same email, here are some steps to follow:

  1. Open Feeld > Go to Feeld Settings > Select App Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap on the Email button and enter your Email.
  3. Confirm your email by tapping ‘Confirm my email’ in the confirmation email.

After this, you can log in using either Facebook or email.

Multiple Facebook Accounts

If you have multiple Facebook accounts, log out of all accounts in device settings, browser, and Facebook app.

Then, log in to Feeld and enter Facebook details through the browser popup that opens.

Linking Facebook to Feeld Account

The might be a case when you initially signed up Feeld with email or Apple SSO and want to link Facebook.

Here are some ways to linking Facebook without getting an error:

  1. Log into your Feeld account using email or Apple SSO.
  2. Open Feeld > Go to Feeld Settings > Select App Settings.
  3. Tap on the Facebook button and allow Feeld permissions to link to your Facebook.

Note: Attempting to link Facebook without being logged in will not link your account.

How To Contact Feeld Support?

There might be cases when you face personalized problems and have to submit the screenshots or screen recordings.

In that case, it is best to contact Feeld Support.

Contacting Support Via The App

First, tap ‘Settings,’ navigate to ‘Help,’ then ‘Contact Support,’ and finally, ‘Send a message’ to issue with pre-filled account details.

Accessing Support Through Web Browser

Fir this, visit, click the messenger button at the bottom-right.

Then, choose options while including details for efficient issue clarification.

Feeld Contact Support
Feeld’s official page for contact support.

Sending Emails

For sending emails, reach out to “[email protected]” with issue details attaching screenshots.

Also, mention the app version, and operating system details for prompt assistance.

Furthermore, you can send the screen recording through emails only.

The Bottom Line

To ensure swiftly finding your match on Feeld, ensure correct login details, resolve email-Facebook linkage via App Settings.

Furthermore, you can use Feeld’s own Contact Support as well.

Finally, enjoy the dating app experience to the fullest and connect with new connections and possibilities.

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