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Prototype In The Scraper: How To Get The Code?

Prototype in the Scraper is one of the interesting Cyberpunk 2077 missions in Night City.

In this mission, you must retrieve an experimental implant prototype, face foes, and make choices that affect the outcome. 

To get the code in the “Prototype in the Scraper” mission, you must input “2753” into the wall panel next to Hasan’s cell door, found by checking a computer file labeled “Codes & Passwords” at the top of the stairs behind Hasan’s cell.

This article will discuss the code in Prototype in the Scraper mission to free Hasan.

What Is Prototype In The Scraper In Cyberpunk?

In the Phantom Liberty expansion for Cyberpunk 2077, a side mission is known as “Prototype in the Scraper.”

It occurs at the Scraper construction site in Night City’s Dogtown area.

The objective of this gig is to retrieve an experimental implant prototype and its schematic plans.

When you arrive at the Scraper, you’ll encounter hostile enemies that must be defeated.

prototype in the scraper
It occurs at the Scraper construction site in Night City’s Dogtown area.

Beyond them lies the prisoner-holding cells where you’ll find Hasan, who has information about the prototype.

Here, you must discover the passcode to unlock the door.

With Hasan’s subsequent aid, you can track down the prototype schematics in the on-site laboratory.

find the elevator
You must discover the passcode to unlock the door to free Hasan from his cell.

After the mission, you face a choice. You must decide on the following:

  • To hand over Hasan and the schematics to your fixer contact in exchange for payment.
  • To allow Hasan to go free while retaining the prototype.

Depending on the choice made, the Prototype includes one of three potential endings.

You can opt to betray Hasan, negotiate Hasan’s release, or let Hasan escape on his own accord.

This side mission provides an opportunity for role-playing different moral stances regarding helping or harming Hasan.

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How To Get Prototype In The Scraper Code?

To get the Prototype in the Scraper code, follow the Prototype.

Here you will find a locked door next to the elevator at the Longshore Stacks Scraper construction site.

  1. The code to the locked door next to the elevator is 2045, and the code to Hasan’s cell door is 2753.
  2. To get the passcode, you need to check the computer located at the top of the stairs behind where Hasan is being held in his cell.
  3. The computer will have a file labeled Codes & Passwords containing passcode 2753 to unlock Hasan’s cell door.
  4. Once you input that code, you can free Hasan and continue working with him to locate the prototype schematics.

What Happens After You Free Hasan?

After inputting code 2753 to free Hasan from his cell in the mission, he will thank you for releasing him.

He explains that he has valuable information to help you locate the prototype schematics you’re trying to retrieve.

Hasan then offers to help guide you to the on-site laboratory where the schematics are.

free hasan or not
Hasan offers to guide you to the on-site laboratory.

With Hasan now as an ally, he will assist you in navigating the lab area and accessing the prototype schematics.

Correspondingly, this allows you to complete the mission objective.

The Bottom Line

In summary, Prototype in the Scraper is an engaging mission in Cyberpunk 2077.

You’ll retrieve an experimental implant, face challenges, and make impactful choices.

By unlocking doors and finding codes, you influence the mission’s outcome.

Whether you help or betray Hasan, this mission offers a thrilling experience in Night City.

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