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How To Get Chesapeake In Cyberpunk 2077?

Chesapeake is one of the items in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty.

Many players are trying to get the weapon thanks to its unique design and higher penetration. 

Chesapeake is a secret weapon of the Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. As per Prime Gaming says players can get the drop after linking the Amazon account and redeeming the code. Unfortunately, many players complain it is a scam as players cannot get that assured weapon.

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Chesapeake In Cyberpunk

As mentioned, Cheaseake is the new arrival of weaponry in the Phantom Liberty edition.

The gun is available for many platforms, including PC, Xbox series S and X and PS5.

Unfortunately, players cannot access Cyberpunk 2.0 using the PS4, Xbox 1 or other consoles.

The initial impression of the Chesapeake is pretty good and should work best at close range as it is a submachine gun(SMG).

chesapeake cyberpunk 2077
Submachine gun: Chesapeake in the Phantom Liberty.                     Credits: Prime Gaming

It is an iconic weapon based on the Barghest’s illegal stash and appears in a red layer.

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Getting Chesapeake In Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty

As many Cyberpunk fans worldwide know, there is a collaboration going around with Amazon Prime and Twitch.

Moreover, the Chesapeake event will end on October 4, 2023, so be sure to apply for the gun ASAP.

Players can get the drop after linking the account. Here’s how players can do so, 

1. Launch The Site

If players are willing to get the Chesapeake gun for free,  reach out to Prime Gaming‘s site offering the item.

Then, ensure to click Get-ingame Content to get started.

chesapeake cyberpunk 2077
Press  Get in-game Content.

After going through the website and checking the gun, players should ensure to sign up with the credentials if they have an account. 

In addition, Players can also create a new account and start a seven-day free trial.

After signing in or creating a new account, players should link up the Amazon account with Cyberpunk.

Become a amazon prime member
Link the Amazon account with Cyberpunk.

Further, after linking the account, visit the Cyberpunk Redeem site and redeem the code. 

Cyberpunk redeem code
Redeem the code from Prime Gaming.

Amazon’s Chesapeake Offer: Legit Or Scam

Many players have already obtained Twitch drops after linking their Twitch accounts and subscribing to the partners.

Players have received a Yasha sniper rifle for at least two subs and fulfilling watching criteria to get Nus Infiltrator outfits.

Unfortunately, players who have linked the Amzaon account after viewing the collaboration of Cyberpunk haven’t received any reward.

Many players complain it is a scam as Amazon’s provided redemption code is invalid.

Whereas others claim it is due to there may be a time zone difference, and players have applied for the item before the release date.

Additionally, many players should have already gotten the gun by the release of the drops, so it is definitely not a possible scam.

If players are facing a problem with the gift, try contacting the customer support of Amazon or re-link the account.

The Bottom Line

The Chesapeake is a weapon player can get after linking their Amazon account with Cyberpunk on Prime Gaming’s site.

Furthermore, players should redeem the code after linking to experience the gun in-game.

Lastly, if players are facing a problem with the gift, try contacting the customer support of Amazon or re-link the account.

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