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Journey To Obtain The Pure Sugar Child In HSR

In the latest Critter Pick event of Honkai Star Rail, players can collect the Pure Sugar Child.

It is one of the many critters that players should collect during the Critter Pick Quest in Honkai Star Rail.

In the Critter Pick event of Honkai Star Rail, players must rescue Pure Sugar Child from the Seclusion Zone by defeating the swarm of Juvenile Sting Bettle. 

Continue reading to learn more about the Pure Sugar Child in Honkai Star Rail(HSR).

An Overview Of Pure Sugar Child

During the critter pick event in Honkai Star Rail, players must embark on their journey to obtain the critters.

Critters are the strange glob-like characters in Honkai Star Rail that resemble the characteristics of a Cat.

Similarly, players can find these critters to later mutate them into powerful entities like Blade, March 7th, Pure Sugar Child, and even Ruan Mei herself.

Pure Sugar Child
The player is interacting with the Sugar Child in HSR.

Among these mutations, Pure Sugar Child is the special critter that is inspired by everyone’s favorite Beblogian, Clara.

It is the ultimate creation of Clara that allows players to encounter the presented challenge swiftly.

Also, it is a hidden mutation that can be unlocked by saving Carla from the Juvenile Sting Enemies.

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Unlock Pure Sugar Child In HSR

As players embark on the Critter Pick Event in Honkai Star Rail(HSR), they should collect the critters from its realm.

Unlike any other critters, players cannot unlock Pure Sugar Child through the usual method of mixing recipes in the Lifeform Oven.

Fighting Juvenile Stings to obtain pure sugar child
A player is fighting Juvenile Stings to obtain a sugar child in HSR.

To unlock the Sugar Child, players must embark on the quest within the Seclusion Zone and rescue it from the Juvenile Sting Bettle.

Likewise, players can only obtain the Tame A Gotcha achievement after gaining it as the tenth mutation.

However, players must complete the series of events to unlock the Sugar Child in Honkai Star Rail.

Process To Unlock The Pure Sugar Child

Players must traverse around the series of events before unlocking the Sugar Child in HSR.

Unlocking it in HSR can take you on a mini adventure in the realm of the Seclusion zone.

Here are the steps to follow to unlock The Sugar Child in Honkai Star Rail(HSR)

  1. To begin their journey, place must travel to the location near the Pharmaceutical Room Space Anchor.
  2. Upon reaching the location, conversate with the critters and accept their offer.
  3. The critters gathered near the door will request to save the sugar child from the Juvenile Sting Bettle.
  4. Likewise, follow the direction of these critters and head to the southern tram station.
  5. Next, you will encounter the swarm of Juvenile Stings guarding the Sugar Child, defeating them.
  6. Defeating these Juvenile Stings doesn’t require superior powers or anything, players should only prepare their squad efficiently.
  7. After defeating the hive of Juvenile Stings, players can interact with the Sugar Child and Clara.
  8. Finally, you can talk to Clara over a text message and get the recipe for it as a reward.

The Bottom Line

After obtaining the final mutation as Pure Sugar Child, players can finally collect “The Tame A Gotcha is Hungry Again” achievement.

Engaging in the Critter Pick event is fun as players can embark on the delightful adventure of collecting the Critters.

Thus, explore the Seclusion zone and defeat the hive of Juvenile Stings to obtain the Sugar Child in HSR.

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