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Garden Of Plenty Starcat: How To Find It In Destiny 2?

One of the Starcat in Destiny 2 released this week is Garden of Plenty Starcat.

With the unleashing of Starcats in Season of the Wish,  players are excited to explore it.

In Destiny 2, Garden of  Plenty, Starcat is currently unlocked and can be found during Riven’s Liar Run. The player must complete the Riven’s Liar activity and enter the left portal at the start.

Continue reading this article to explore more about the Garden of Plenty Starcat and guidelines to find it in Destiny 2.

What Is Starcat In Destiny 2?

New Starcats will be released every week in the dream city during Season of the Wish.

Unfortunately, not all the Starcats are released in Destiny 2, but players will find 14 Starcats within seven weeks. 

This means that Destiny 2 will release two new Starcats each week.

What Is Garden Of Plenty Starcat In Destiny 2?

Starcats are the Queen’s visitors, which you must find to unlock Triumphs and earn rewards.

However, finding all the Starcats to earn the Wyrmgurad Shell and complete the Wishbearer Seal is essential.

Garden of Starcat likes to peer down from the place of power.

Garden Of Plenty
Head to the left to find the cat in the Garden of Plenty.

Moreover, there are two Starcat that can be found this week, and they are:

  • Blind Well Starcat
  • Garden of Plenty Starcat

Among these, Garden of Plenty Starcat is more difficult to locate in Destiny 2.

Similarly, it might take a little more time than the Blind Well.

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How To Find Garden Of Plenty Starcat In Destiny 2?

Each Starcat is located in the same location for every Destiny 2 player.

There is a Starcat hidden in the Garden of Plenty, so players need to detect if they’re aiming for the Wishbearer Title.

Destiny's 2 Garden of Plenty Starcat
To find the Garden Of Plenty Starcat, a player must complete the Rival’s Liar activity.

Here are some of the best tricks to find the Starcat hidden within the Dreaming City:

  1. First, you need to complete the Riven’s Liar activity following the correct path.
  2. In the Garden of Plenty, the Triumph suggests you look for a cat that likes to peer down from a place of power.
  3. Randomly, one of the portals opens when you step into nearby plates.
  4. However, you’re on the right track only if the left portal opens when you start the encounter.
  5. Otherwise, you must try it again, attack Sol Divisive Vex, and kill a Taken ogre.
  6. After that, head towards that large green furry rock.
  7. There, on the left, you will see a cat made up of stars.

Collecting All The 14 Starcats: What Are The Rewards?

In Destiny 2, collecting all 14 of the Starcat will reward you with the Wishbearer Title, i.e., Season of the Wish Triumphs.

In addition, some of the Triumphs you’ll need to complete to get the Wishbearer title are Bonus Action, Familiar Felines, Secret Triumph, etc.

Wishbearer, a Season of The Wish Triumphs.
Wishbearer is a Season of The Wish Triumphs.

The Bottom Line

Garden of Plenty Starcat is a hidden cat that can be found in Destiny 2

Finding it is a rewarding challenge for players who enjoy exploring the secrets of the Dreaming City. 

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