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Wishing All The Best Destiny 2: Is It Bugged?

Wishing All The Best in Destiny 2 is the main story quest in Destiny 2 final season, Season of the Wish. 

Furthermore, this quest will lead us to The Final Shape, concluding Destiny’s Light and Darkness Saga. 

Wishing All The Best is obtainable from the Season of the Wish; however, there is a bug with this new season activity as rewards are not dropping for players.

This article discusses Destiny’s 2 Wishing All The Best and possible bugs. 

What Is The Wishing All The Best In Destiny 2?

Wishing All The Best is quite a long quest where a player needs to complete 50 steps in total to reach the end.

This quest will beautifully guide us through the story. However, not all these steps will be unlocked at first.

Until you reach an end, every Tuesday, players need to deal with new steps to complete the task.

Moreover, every progress in the game will lead to a new step. 

Wishing All The Best
Destiny 2‘s Wishing All the Best is one of the main season quests.

As mentioned above, here are all the steps included in Wishing All The Best quest in Destiny 2.

  1.  First, speak to Riven, which will take you to the H.E.L.M.
  2. Then, complete any Riven’s Liar activity.
  3. Visit the holoprojector and speak with Petra, one of the Awoken nobles from the Reef.
  4. Now, complete the Blind Well runs in the Dreaming City to move the Ley Lines into position.
  5. Complete the mission Polysemy and retrieve Riven’s egg.
  6. Observe the conversation between Mara and Osiris in the H.E.L.M.
  7. Again, communicate with the Riven and wait a week for the next round of quests.
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Is Wishing All The Best Bugged In Destiny 2?

As per the Reddit discussion, there is a bug in Wishing All The Best.

Some players have reported this issue on Twitter and Bungie’s forums.

Destiny 2 lets you follow and complete each step in Wishing All The Best

However, you might have encountered an annoying bug that prevents you from collecting coins and rewards.

There are two major bugs in Wishing All The Best, and they are as follows:

1. Unable To Get Rewards

Due to the bug, players are not able to get rewards.

Significantly, the rewards are not dropping for players even after completing the Riven’s Liar and The Coil Seasonal activities.

Twitter discussion on Wishing All The Best not working issues.

2. Prevents Players From Earning Points

The game bug does not allow players to earn points or get rewards in the coil game mode, where players must collect coins and avoid obstacles.

Additionally, it causes the game to crash or freeze randomly, making it unplayable.

can't earn points in the coil
Players reporting issues in online forums.

Is There Still A Bug In Destiny 2 Wishing All The Best?

As per developers, the Wishing All The Best bugged in Destiny 2 is fixed for now, but it is only temporary.

This means the bug is still present and might also affect players, who might encounter the same problem in the future.

bugged fixed
Twitter discussion on bug fixes on Destiny 2.

The Bottom Line 

The Wishing All The Best bug prevents players from getting rewards.

This happens when one player opens the chests but is not critical enough to cause massive damage.

A temporary remedy for this bug is available from the official source, but they have no guarantee that it will not reappear.

However, players must constantly report such bugs to the developers to get the issue fixed on time.

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