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Raging Blow Rune In World Of Warcraft Season Of Discovery

In World Of Warcraft (W0W): Season of Discovery (SOD), players can unlock the coveted Raging Blow Rune.

Players can add a powerful spell to their arsenal by unlocking the Raging Blow Rune in WOW: SOD.

In W0W SOD, players can unlock the Raging Blow Rune and use this skill while a Rage effect is active on the player. Similarly, players can unlock the Raging Blow Rune by completing the set of quests presented by Alonso.

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Raging Blow Rune In Wow: SOD

In the W0W Season of Discovery(SOD), obtaining the Raging Blow Rune is a great asset for the players.

Raging Blow is one of the most powerful runes in the WoW: SOD that allows players to deal a powerful strike to the enemy.

Raging Blow in Wow: SOD
An Overview of the Raging Blow in Wow: SOD.

Similarly, Raging Blow Rune is the Item level of 25 and binds when picked up that belongs to the Warrior Class.

It deals 100% weapon damage to the opponents however, players can only use it while Enrage, Berserker rage, or Bloodrage effect.

Likewise, the Raging Blow Range is within 5 yards and has a cooldown period of 8 seconds only.

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Obtain The Raging Blow Rune In Wow: SOD

Players can only obtain the Raging Blow Rune by visiting the Ashenvele, one of the contested Zone in WoW: SOD.

Upon reaching the Ashenvele, players should locate the gnome known as Alonso near Talondeep Path.

Similarly, players can find Alonso by traveling to the coordinates 43.4, and 70.6 on the map.

Alonso presents warriors with a set of quests, each demanding to collect the specific items scattered across the map.

 Alonso in Wow: SOD
Players must visit the Alonso to unlock the coveted Raging Blow rune.

Further, players must collect the Dragonslayer’s Helm, Dragonslayer’s Shield, and Dragonslayer’s Lence to unlock the Raging Blow.

1. Dragonslayer’s Helm: Players should visit the Shadowfang Keep dungeon and loot the sparking helm behind the paladin boss.

2. Dragonslayer’s Shield: Players can purchase the Dragonslayer’s shield by visiting the Dun’modr in northern Wetlands.

3. Dragonslayer’s Lance:  Then, find the Dragonslayer’s Lance by visiting the Stonewatch Keep in Redridge Mountains.

After collecting all these three items, return to Alonso and accept his new quest, ‘Alonso the Dragonslayer’.

Finally, after assisting Alonso to slay the dragon, players will receive the Rune of Raging Blow from him.

Consumed By Rage And Raging Blow

Consumed by Rage is also one of the most powerful warrior runes in W0W SOD.

Similarly, this warrior rune enhances the warrior’s capabilities and also grants a substantial melee damage bonus.

It is one of the coveted items in the game that can be ingested into the leg slot to provide players with a significant boost in their power.

To attain the consumed by rage rune, players must face the Caridin and enter the Thelgen Rock cavern.

Warriors brave enough to defeat the Caridin can only obtain the Consumed by Rage rune, a significant addition to their arsenal.

Moreover, most players believe that they can focus on building the new build by engaging the Consumed by Rage and Raging Blow.

One of the most beautiful features of this rune is its ability to enrage the warrior by catalyzing the Raging Blow.

The Raging Blow becomes more formidable under the influence of the Consumed by Rage run, making warriors an unstoppable force.

Thus, integrate Raging Blow with Consumed By Rage, to maximize the damage output.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, obtaining the Raging Blowand Consumed By Rage runes in WoW: SOD transforms players into relentless force.

As warriors integrate the Raging Blow with the Consumed by Rage rune, they can almost defeat everyone in the game.

With the power of Raging Blow and  Consumed By Rage, you are ready to face any challenges that await in WoW: SOD.

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