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How To Obtain Ravager’s Mark In Remnant 2?

The Ravagers Mark is a powerful item in Remnant 2 that is used in the bleed build.

The Ravager’s Mark in Remnant 2 is a powerful and rare powerful item that players can obtain after completing the Corrupted Ravager boss fight. In addition, it increases the damage dealt to the bleeding target.

In this article, we will dive deeper into the details of this powerful item, its rewards and drawbacks.

What Is Ravagers Mark?

The Ravager’s Mark is an amulet that increases all damage dealt to bleeding targets by 20%.

Furthermore, the bonuses increase to 30% for targets with 50% or lower health. Additionally, this powerful item is used for the bleed build.

How To Obtain Ravager's Mark In Remnant 2?
Killing the Corrupted Ravager boss grants players the rare amulet known as the Ravager’s Mark.

Players can find this amulet in Yaesha while encountering the world boss.

It is valuable while finishing off the enemies that are already bleeding.

The Ravager’s Mark is a powerful item; however it has some drawbacks and only works on bleeding targets.

In addition, players can use it if they want, but it is essential to be aware before using it.

How To Obtain The Ravagers Mark?

The Ravager’s Mark is a rare item that you can find only in the Forbidden Grove on Yaesha.

Players can obtain this item by killing the Red Doe during the Corrupted Ravager boss fight.

Here is the step-by-step process to obtain the Ravager’s Mark:

  1. Find The Corrupted Ravager Boss Fight: The Remnant 2 Ravager boss fight occurs in its layer on Forbidden Grove.
  2. Skip The Boss Fight: You must be very cautious while you fight the boss. However, you can also skip the boss by killing the doe.
  3. Kill the Doe: If you want to get the Ravager’s Mark, you simply have to take sides with the Ravager and kill the doe, and you will get the Ravager’s Mark.

In addition, use the Fruit of Death mod to track the scent of the Red Doe. These simple steps can help to gain your hand on the Ravager’s Mark.

Benefits Of Ravager’s Mark

The Ravager’s Mark has a few benefits, and some of them are listed below:

  1. Increased Damage To Bleeding Targets: The significant damage boost to any already bleeding target. This amulet increases the chances of killing even the most formidable enemy.
  2. Increased Damage To Low-Health Targets: This item deals a damage buff to the target with health lower than 50%.This becomes useful for players to kill enemies who are already bleeding.
  3. Easy To Obtain: This item can be obtained by killing the red doe, which is a relatively easy task compared to other rare items.

Additionally, when you wear this amulet in front of the Ravager vs. Doe statue and immediately exit the Forbidden Grove, you will open the route.

There you can find the; Fruit of Death, which leads to obtaining the Lifeless Heart.

Drawbacks Of Ravagers Mark

Ravagers Mark has a few drawbacks, and here are some of them;

  1. Works only on the bleeding target When a player cannot apply the bleed ability to the enemy, then the Ravager’s Mark does not provide any benefits.
  2. Not High Damage bonus compared to other amulets: This amulet is specific, however, it doesn’t provide a higher damage bonus than another amulet with the same bleed-specific effect.

This amulet will not be beneficial if your build does not focus on the bleed effect.

The Bottom Line

The Ravager’s Mark is a specific item that increases your bleed damage bonus on the lower health enemy.

If you are not able to use the bleed consistently, or looking for a higher damage bonus, here are some amulets including Butcher’s Fetish, Indignant Fetish, Shock Device and many more.

However, the important part is to focus on the stats provided by the amulet.

If you overcome the drawbacks of the Ravager’s Mark, it can become a very powerful item in your arsenal.

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