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Find Poison Ivy In Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Poison Ivy is a character in the upcoming video game Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Significantly, you can play as four supervillains fighting against a corrupted Justice League.

One of the playable characters is Poison Ivy, a young girl with plant powers

Continue reading to learn how to track and find Poison Ivy in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Who Is Poison Ivy?

In Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Poison Ivy is portrayed differently from her usual comic book appearance.

She is a precocious toddler with terrifying genetic engineering powers.

However, she was experimented on by the evil organization Project Cadmus.

Significantly, she can create biological toxins that can enhance the weapons and grenades of the Suicide Squad members.

She is loyal to Harley Quinn, who acts as her surrogate mother.

Contrarily, Poison Ivy is one of the many characters that the Suicide Squad has to face in their mission to kill the Justice League.

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How To Find Poison Ivy?

To track Poison Ivy, you need to follow the trail of plants and flowers that she leaves behind.

These clues indicate where she has been and where she might be heading.

You can also use your scanner to detect her presence and location.

The scanner is a device that shows you the map of Metropolis and highlights the areas of interest. 

You can use the scanner to find Poison Ivy’s plants, as well as other enemies, objectives, and collectibles.

The scanner is activated by pressing the left bumper on the controller or the Q key on the keyboard.

You can zoom in and out using the right stick or the mouse wheel.

You can also mark a waypoint by pressing the A button or the E key. 

The scanner will help you navigate the city and find Poison Ivy.

poison ivy suicide squad
Poison Ivy is also loyal to Harley Quinn.

How To Find Poison Ivy?

To find Poison Ivy in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, you need to follow these steps:

1. Locate Her Plants And Flowers

To find Poison Ivy in Suicide Squad, use your scanner and locate her plants and flowers in Metropolis.

You can activate the scanner and then zoom in and out, mark waypoints, and switch between modes and filters with the scanner.

2. Save From Attacks And Enemies

Be careful of her plant-based attacks and enemies, such as vines, spores, and thorns.

She can also control other plants and animals, so be prepared for anything.

track plant to find
Use your scanner and locate her plants and flowers.

3. Fight Your Way

Fight your way through the enemies and obstacles with your weapons, gadgets, and abilities.

You can switch between characters or play with your friends in co-op mode.

4. Go To A Rooftop

Find her on a rooftop near a giant mutant flower.

She will be a young child with no memory of her past.

She will explain that she was held captive by Lex Luthor and escaped after Brainiac’s invasion.

Use Her Abilities In Combat in Suicide Squad

You can follow the tips and tricks below to use her abilities in Suicide Squad.

1. Switch Between Afflictions

Poison Ivy can use her Afflictions to add elemental damage to your melee weapons and grenades.

Generally, there are four types of Afflictions: fire, ice, acid, and shock.

Each Affliction has its own advantages and disadvantages, such as dealing more damage and slowing down enemies. 

You can switch between Afflictions by using the D-pad or the mouse wheel.

2. Plant Protection

Poison Ivy can also protect her plants from Brainiac’s minions by using her toxins and vines.

She can heal her plants by standing near them or using her special ability.

 Further, she can command her plants to attack enemies or distract them.

suicide poison
She can heal her plants by standing near them.

3. Flower Power

Poison Ivy’s ultimate ability is to summon a giant mutant flower that can deal massive damage to enemies and structures.

The flower can also heal Poison Ivy and her allies.

However, the flower is vulnerable to attacks and enemies can destroy them. 

Thus, you need to protect the flower and use it wisely.

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