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How To Reach The Ancient Temple In BG3?

To reach the Ancient Temple in BG3,  players must be in Act 2 of the game. 

Players will find an entrance gate after repairing the left moon lamp in Act 1 to reach the Temple. 

To Reach the Ancient Temple in BG3, players must enter the Grymforge Area and use the Teleport Device in the Goblin Camp. Players can also reach the location by unlocking the Incarnate Door by Extracting Scrying Eye as well. 

Continue Reading to find the exact locations and the exclusive items to extract inside the Ancient Temple. 

What Is An Ancient Temple In BG3?

The Ancient Temple is one of the many locations players can explore in Baldur’s Gate 3 game.

Moreover, the location is one of the parts of the Shadow Heart’s Quest, which is a Half-Elf and a Trickery Domain Cleric.

Players can extract the Anicnet temple in Act 2 at the Grymforge Area. 

Unfortunately, the bridge connecting the Area is destroyed; hence, players must complete a few events to enter the location. 

There are quite a few ways to enter the Ancient Temple in the Grymforge Area.

 Players must locate the Floating platform and enable it near the broken bridge.

Furthermore, Players must use the Teleport Tool in the Goblin Camp to reach the Ancient Temple’s secret Passage.

In contrast, players who are playing the Dank Cryprt event have a probability of reaching the Temple. 

Lastly, if players are still unable to track the location, ensure to go through the Mountainside or the fight spells in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

How To Reach The Ancient Temple In BG3?

To reach the location of the Ancient Temple in Baldur’s Gate 3, follow the steps:

  1. Use Fast-Travel to enter the Grymforge Area.
Fast-traveling to the Grymforge Area.
  1. Follow the Stairs that lead to the Scrying Eyepoint.
Scrying Eye
Grabbing the Scrying Eye head towards the next location.
  1. Enter inside the Dancing Lights Incranite Door in the Grymforge Area. 
reach the ancient temple bg3
Entering the Grymforge Area’s door.
  1. Head toward the Ancient Temple location.
reach the ancient temple bg3
Visiting the Ancient Temple Location.

After Players reach the Ancient Temple at the Grymforge Area, they can extract exclusive items from the location. 

Moreover, as this event is the Quest related to the ShadowHeart, one of the companions, players must build the event upon her.

 In this mission, the Shadwowheart is curious about her mysterious artifact and her relation to the Goddess. 

Players can also find a Mithral Ore item after destroying the giant Mithral Vein

In addition, if players are willing to jump across the bridge, they can use a floating platform or  Teleport tool.

What Happens After Ancient Temple In BG3?

Inside the temple, you will find some challenging puzzles and enemies that test your faith in Shar.

Shar is the goddess of darkness and secrets. You will get to know more about Shadowheart’s past and her connection to Shar.

Contrarily, the temple is also known as Shar’s Gauntlet It is the final trial for those who wish to become Dark Justiciars, Shar’s most loyal servants.

The Bottom Line

To Reach the Ancient Temple in Baldur’s Gate 3, players need to locate the Incarnate Door after extracting Scrying Everpoint.

Further to jump across the bridge, try using the Teleportation Item across the Goblin Camp

Furthermore, activate the floating area in the Broken Bridge to unlock the route.

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