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How To Build Nightfall In Remnant 2?

Nightfall building in Remnant 2 refers to upgrading the currently existing Weapon.

As Remnant 2 nerfed one of its best weapons, Nightfall, with a 20% Fire rate decrease in both its Mods, Players are looking for a Build. 

Remnant 2 Nightfall Build can be done by extracting valuable Mutators, Rings and Relics from different locations. To unlock the highest potential of Nightfall, using Runed Heart Relic, Momentum Mutator, and Faelin’s Sigil Ring are the best options. 

Continue Reading to discover the method to locate and upgrade the Nightfall Weapon.  

What Is NightFall in Remnant 2?

Nightfall is one of the exclusive weapons in the Remnant 2.

Moreover, the Gun is long in structure and one of the game’s most potent weapons.

The Weapon’s main feature is its high-damage hardened bone shards.

Further, the Weapon works best on the mid and long-range, thanks to its comprehensive damage and firing rate. 

In Contrast, players must go through the Morrow Parish in Losomn to extract the legendary Weapon.

Next, Players can trade them for Gun upon finding the crafting items, including Cursed Dream skills, 7 Lumnite Crystals, and 650 scraps.

Further, the items can be found after eating the Nightweaver, brought from Cass NPC and completing Quests, respectively. 

The trade can be made in the Ward 13 location, the central hub of Remnant 2, with an NPC known as McCabe

NPC is the in-game Character that guides players for future events and sometimes acts as a merchant to trade various items and inventories. 

How To Build Nightfall In Remnant 2?

As the Nightfall weapon is all about the destructive damage to enemies and potent bosses, a possible Build is to find the items that can help to enhance the damage, traits and Mods. 

Further, a few possible options are upgrading and finding exclusive Mods, Relics, and Rings to boost the Dame of the Nightfall Weapon.

For players looking for an incredible Nightfall Build, extract all the items below;

1. Faelin’s Sigil 

Faelin’s Sigil is one of the accessories and a Ring in Remnant 2.

In addition, Players can extract the Faelings Sigil Ring in the Faelin and Faerin Quest.

The powerful Ring assists the Nightfall Weapons to generate an additional 10% of the Mod power. 

Lastly, Players can receive the exclusive Ring to Build Nightfall in the Beatific Palace after killing Faerin. 

Faelins Sigil
Receiving Faelin’s Sigil from Falin in Beatific Palace.

2. Runed Heart 

Runed Heart Relic is another item that can significantly assist in building a Nightfall weapon.

Further, the exclusive Relic can provide a health regen ability in fierce battles and, most importantly, regenerate 500 Mod power over ten seconds.

Moreover, the Runed Heart Erlic can be extracted in the Labyrinth world in Entangled Gauntlet. 

Runed Heart
Extracting Runed Heart in the Labyrinth.

3. Momentum Mutator

Momentum Mutator is a type of Weapon that is equipped with different weapons to generate more significant damage.

Moreover, this mutator increases the Critical Chance and Damage by 3% for a period of 3 seconds when Nightfall Scores a critical hit on enemies.

Lastly, the momentum is a great Build to upgrade the Weaponrioes and can be founded on Imperial Gardens in Yaesha from Mantagora

remnant 2 nightfall build
Obtaining the Momentum Mutator at Imperial Garden at Yaesha.

After extracting these Materials, ensure to equip in the Character’s inventory to build Nightfall Weapon.

remnant 2 nightfall build
Equipping Relic, Mutator and Ring in Character’s inventory

Further, the Nightmare Weapon can upgrade whenever players find more rare items and unlock potent Archetypes.  

The Bottom Line

To Build Nightfall in Remnant 2, players need different rare and valuable items from various locations.

Using Runed Heart Relic, Momentum Mutator, and Faelins’ Ring can significantly increase the damage and have the upper hand on combats.

These Rare items are found in Labyrinth, Imperial Garden and Beatific Palace, respectively. 

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