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Explore The Changes In Brawl Stars Mega Pig 2024

Brawl Stars is a popular mobile game that features various modes and characters to choose from.

One of the modes is Mega Pig, which is a Club-based mode where players compete for wins and rewards.

The 2024 Mega Pig in Brawl Stars has faced investigation and praise in equal measure. Filling the Pig is now 25% faster and the bronze section requires fewer tickets. However, the overall accessibility and potential for exciting rewards remain.

Continue reading to learn about the changes in Brawl Stars Mega Pig for 2024 and how to fill it.

What’s New In Mega Pig For 2024?

The Brawl Stars Mega Pig is a giant piggy bank that appears in the Starr Shop for a limited time.

In 2024, the Mega Pig has seen some changes:

1. Fewer Tickets

Supercell significantly reduced the number of tickets needed to fill the Mega Pig.

In January 2024, it went from 20 tickets to a much more manageable 15 tickets.

 This means you can unlock those juicy rewards almost 25% faster than before.

mega pig
Mega Pig is a giant piggy bank in Brawl Stars.

2. Adjusted Requirements

While fewer tickets are great, the distribution within the Mega Pig has seen some changes:

Faster Bronze Filling

The initial bronze section now requires fewer tickets, meaning you’ll reach the silver tier quicker.

This translates to unlocking those initial rewards like coins and power points faster.

Slower Silver And Gold Progress

However, the silver and gold sections now demand slightly more tickets compared to the old system. 

This means reaching the top loot, like gems and brawlers, might take a tad longer.

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How To Fill The Mega Pig In 2024?

To fill the Mega Pig in 2024, you need to play actively, complete quests, and perform special events.

1. Play Actively

Optimize game modes; focus on modes like Bounty, Heist, and Siege, where each wins grants two tickets instead of one.

Similarly, win consistently; practice and choose brawlers you’re comfortable with.

This boosts your win rate; higher ranks earn more tickets per win.

Participate in the power play as it requires a higher commitment.

Further, it offers significant ticket rewards for completing matches and climbing leagues.

2. Complete Quests

Look for daily and seasonal quests that specifically reward tickets. 

Completing all daily quests is crucial for maximizing daily ticket gain.

Try to complete multiple quests simultaneously to maximize your time and effort.

Therefore, look for overlapping objectives to get double the rewards.

Even seemingly small quests contribute to your ticket count.

 Don’t underestimate their value, especially when combined with other strategies.

smash the mega pig
Complete multiple quests to maximize your time and effort.

3. Special Events

Keep an eye on Brawl Stars announcements and social media to stay updated on upcoming events.

Look for a double-ticked day; during these occasional events, every win grants double tickets and significantly accelerates your progress.

Some club events offer bonus tickets for participation or achieving specific goals. 

Therefore, coordinate with your clubmates to maximize shared rewards.

The Bottom Line

Brawl Stars occasionally offers challenges with ticket rewards. 

Participate even if you don’t expect to win every round, as completing challenges still nets you bonus tickets.

Combine the strategies and play consistently, it increases your ticket-earning potential and fills the Mega Pig faster than ever before.

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