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Reach The Plains Enshrouded: Complete The Questline

Enshrouded is a third-person survival crafting game in a massive, prebuilt fantasy world called Embervale.

This game features quests where players will fight formidable enemies and acquire various items upon completing the quest.

Similarly, in the Reach the Plains quest, players should navigate through the cave and search the items to build the base. 

Continue reading to learn more about the newly introduced Reach The Plains quest in Enshrouded.

What Is Reach The Plains In Enshrouded?

As players embark on their journey of the Enshrouded they will come across multiple interesting quests.

This game introduced players to several quests where players should embark on the exciting and treacherous realm of Embervale.

Similarly, Reach the Plains is one of the quests in Enshrouded to progress through the storyline which revolves around the Shroud.

Players will encounter numerous opportunities to expand their character’s abilities throughout their journey.

Moreover, players can collect different resources, get armed, defeat enemies and finally grow their base while on this mission.

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Reach The Plains In Enshrouded: Full Walkthrough

Upon moving further from the Vault called Cinder, players’ main objective is to go towards the plains and claim their spot for a base.

However, to claim the base spot players must craft the first Flame Altar.

Emerge from the Cinder Vault and find spot for the base
Emerge from the Cinder Vault and find a spot for the base.

Here is the guide that players can follow to get to the Plains of the Enshrouded:

1. Get The Torch

Players must explore the surroundings and locate the hidden chest behind the rubble.

Open the chest to pick up the torch to enhance your overall visibility.

Hence, this is the essential item that players can use to see obstacles, pathways, and other details within the cave.

2. Navigate The Cave

Players need to pass through the dark, mysterious, and treacherous cave shrouded in darkness and filled with challenges.

Venture through the dark cave and reach the plains on another side
Venture through the dark cave and reach the plains on another side.

However, players must observe the surroundings more carefully while venturing into the cave to eliminate the potential hazards.

3. The Plains 

On the other side of the cave passage, players will reach the Plains.
Upon reaching Plain, players must head for the marker and pass the town called Longkeep.
Players exploring and looting the necessary item in the abandoned town
Explore and loot the necessary items in the abandoned town.

In the Longkeep, players will find the camp where they can loot various items and pick up the Lore page.

Moreover, players can stock up the water from the well located at the centre of the town to buff their stamina.

Hence, here in the Plains, players will construct their first base.

How To Create A Base In The Plains?

The player’s first base in Enshrouded should be at the abandoned village of Longkeep, which is situated at the Plains.

Longkeep has a fair amount of loot that players can grab and use later in the game while constructing their base.

However, exploring the places and unique landscapes and setting up their first base in Enshrouded can be exhilarating yet dangerous.

Before starting the process of building the first base, gather basic resources like wood and build a basic shelter for immediate protection.

Players must collect at least 5 Stones, then press V to open up the crafting menu, create a Flame Altar, and place it on the ground.

The Flame Altar defines the borders of the player’s base hence, players can also press the  X on the keyboard to gain the Rested buff.

Players must have the essential tools and weapons to build their base in Enshrouded.

However, before heading into the Shroud crafting essential tools is necessary.

Players can craft tools and weapons like construction hammers, axes, workbenchs and other building materials.

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