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Lock On Laser Rayhound Bug In Palworld

Multiple reports from Palworld players claim the unexpected bug on some bosses while using the Lock On Laser skill.

This bug disrupts the gameplay as it forcibly shuts down the game upon launching the Lock on Laser Skill.

Moreover, the game crashes after using the Lock on Laser Skill on the boss, leaving the player hesitant to use the equipment again.

Continue reading to learn about the Lock On Laser Rayhound Bug In Palworld.

Lock On Laser Skill: An Overview

In Palworld, players can master several skills to enhance their gameplay for completing in-game quests.

Similarly, within these skills players should focus on enhancing their Sparkit Skills as they present significant damage.

Likewise, these skills increase the attack power of Electic Pals which would come in handy during the fierce battles.

Palworld offers almost 7 Sparkset active skillsets that players must learn to progress efficiently in the game.

Moreover, Lock On Laser Skill is also one of the Sparkit Active Skill and is assigned as the number 3rd skill.

Lock On Laser Skillset
A player is using the Lock on Laser Skillset skill in Palworld Universe.

Players need to reach at least Level 15 to unlock this Skill in the realm of the Palworld Universe.

Since this skill is not part of the player’s skill set initially, they can discover it through an intrepid explorer.

Adding this skill to your arsenal allows you to perform the best during the battles in Palworld.

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Unveiling The Palworld Lock On Laser Rayhound Bug

Recently there have been multiple reports suggesting the unique bug in the realm of Palworld Universe.

This bug is related to the Lock On Laser skill of several Pals Like Rayhound, Eitkhyrdeer, etc.

Similarly, players are encountering unexpected glitches in the game while using the Lock On Laser skill of these creatures,

During their travel to the Tower of the Rain in Syndicate Hills, players can experience this Lock on Laser Rayhound Glitch.

Subsequently, upon unleashing the Lock on Laser Skill on the Boss while mounting on Rayhound, the game experiences a hardcore crash.

Rayhound on the air
A player faces the Rayhounnd glitch in Palworld Universe that takes them flying to the sky.

The players get returned to their base, where they can still feel the music playing; however, they don’t have control of the game.

Further, players fly alongside the Rayhound to the sky, do not stop, and cannot even unmount from their pals or do anything.

Jumping triggers this flight, and players experience an unexpected glitch that goes beyond the typical glitches and bugs in the game.

Additionally, the game undergoes a hardcore crash where players find themselves in a broken state, unable to respond further in the game.

Root Cause And Implications For Players

Many players have hypothesized that the glitch is related to the Rayhound and other creatures.

As players encounter this glitch while mounting on the Rayhound, it is a probability that a Rayhound is causing the glitch.

This glitch often happens while riding the Rayhound and using the Lock on Laser Skill on the boss.

This synchronization appears to be the main culprit to trigger this bug in the Realm of Palworld universe.

Moreover, mentioning potential blueprint issues within the Unreal Engine further adds complexity to the situation.

This glitch has frustrated the users who are attempting to progress in the Palworld by using the skill to vanquish the boss.

Players are compelling the developers to promptly investigate and rectify the Lock on Laser Rayhound Bug.

This glitch should trigger developers to perform rigorous quality testing to solve these kinds of persisting errors.

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