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Ready Or Not : Suspect And Its Nature

In Ready Or Not, players must encounter several AI suspects set up as part of the storyline.

Similarly, players have to deal with the suspects in every mission of the game as they are the NPCs in the game.

In Ready Or Not, players must study the details of the suspects before embarking on their challenging quests. Similarly, players must deep dive into the Suspect and their armor types to have the upper hand in battle.

Continue reading to learn more about the Suspect in Ready Or Not.

Ready Or Not: An Overview Of Suspect

In Ready Or Not, players must undergo several challenges in exciting quests.

While playing these missions, players can encounter the enigmatic NPC known as The Suspect.

Similarly, Suspect is the AI Force with tremendous power and presents a more significant challenge for the players.

Besides that, players can find different kinds of suspects in the game; some of them are armed and potentially wield some lethal guns.

Moreover, some of the suspects are equipped with gear such as armor suits and heavy helmets.

ready or not suspect
A player has spotted the armed and well-equipped Suspect in Ready or Not.

Most suspects are equipped with heavy Kevlar armor covering their overall front, side, and back look.

Every Suspect has a background and experience that plays a pivotal role in determining their character.

It all depends upon the Suspect’s background and experience to shape their behavior.

Similarly, their background and experience are vital in determining the equipment they carry in the game.

Most suspects present a more formidable challenge for the players if they are equipped with gear and ready to battle.

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Suspects And Their Armor Types

Before diving into the details of the Suspect, it is crucial to understand their Armor Types in the Ready Or Not missions.

Similarly, most of the suspects in the game are equipped with heavy armor and helmets.

Apart from the Suspect in Vineyard and Nightclub, players cannot find any unarmed suspect in the game.

Likewise, these suspects are equipped with lethal guns and are being protected with heavy Kevlar armor and a helmet set.

As this armor has no gray area, players would have a hard time dealing with the Suspect.

However, the game has various Aspects, and players can find different ones in certain areas.

Suspect in Volls house

For instance, in Voll’s ho, players can spot a suspect wearing the Kevlar front armor, adding an extra complexity layer.

On the other hand, in Nightclubs, players can encounter the Suspect with ceramic armor, a legendary type of armor.

Thus, players must be cautious while approaching the Suspect as they might present a difficult challenge.

Fighting Strategy Against The Suspect

As Suspects are equipped with the best armor, players need six shots of 9 millimeters to break through the Kevlar.

Players can also try using the 4.6 and 6.7 millimeters of ammo for better efficiency while breaking the armor.

Moreover, talking about the gun caliber, it is suggested to carry the 5.56 and 7.62 bullets as they provide heavy damage to the Kevlar.

Similarly, players make the right choices while choosing their loadout for the game.

Moreover, players are recommended to choose their favorite rifle and other necessary items for the battle.

As these suspects wear gas masks, players cannot use the gas and pepper spray to these NPCs.

Thus, choosing the right items in their loadout is crucial for defeating the Suspect in the game.

The Bottom Line

In Ready or Not, players must have detailed information about the several suspects encountered in the game.

Similarly, as players have to deal with them in almost every mission, it is crucial to understand their gear and weapon choices.

In Summary, players should choose the right items in their loadout that align with their playstyle to defeat the Suspect.  

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