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Ready Or Not: Obtain The Fool Achievement

In Ready Or Not players can conquer all the tasks to unlock every possible achievement alongside The Fool.

Similarly, players can obtain a total of 15 different achievements by participating in the various events during the storyline.

In Ready Of Not, players can unlock The Fool achievement by allowing the civilian to attack and ultimately kill the character. Likewise, this achievement can be completed by finding the civilian using a knife at 213 Park Holmes.

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Ready Or Not: An Overview Of The Fool Achievement 

Among the different 15 achievements that players can unlock in Ready Or Not, The Fool is one of the unique achievements.

Including the literal “The Fool” achievement introduces a touch of humor to the Ready Or Not gameplay experience.

Likewise, for acquiring this achievement players have to let the civilian or hostage kill their character.

The quest is as humorous as the achievement itself, navigating through the specific location and letting the NPC Kill the character.

However, players can only obtain this achievement by creating multiple games and embarking on the Valley of the Dolls mission.

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Players must select the Valley Of The Dolls mission to obtain the elusive The Fool achievement in Ready or Not.

If possible, Engage in The Valley Of The Dolls in multiplayer mode as it increases the probability of encountering the NPC.

Likewise, after you select the Valley Of The Dolls mission, navigate to the 213 Park Holmes building.

Now, Enter the building through the first door you encounter and discover its mystery.

Next, upon entering the building, navigate towards the left direction to locate the bathroom.

ready or not the fool
Players can encounter the civilian while embarking on the Quest.

Here, you can find the civilian, holding a knife, a prominent NPC required for unlocking the precious achievement.

However, in some cases, players cannot find the NPC in that particular location, so they need to explore other areas as well.

Obtaining The Fool Achievement In Ready Or Not 

Upon entering the building at 213 Park Holmes, players can encounter the civilians hiding inside by exploring its area.

Likewise, after encountering the NPC, she will attempt to force the door shut down and push you away.

However, you should remain intact as it initiates the critical moment for unlocking The Fool’s achievement.

Moreover, the key to getting near that NPC is by maneuvering through the door without making any loud noise.

ready or not the fool
Players should let civilians kill their character to obtain The Fool Achievement.

Players should avoid actions that will draw the attention of the NPC, and make them cautious about the situation.

Finally, after encountering the NPC, players should submit themselves to the civilians and allow them to attack and defeat their character.

You can only unlock The Fool achievement by allowing the civilian with the knife to beat the character without putting up a fight.

Tips And Tricks For Achieving The Fool Achievement

Achieving the Fool Achievement is an easy task, and players can obtain this achievement with minimal effort and luck.

Here are some of the Tips and Tricks To obtain The Fool Achievement in Ready Or Not.

  1. Multiplayer Mode: Players should enter the Valley of the Dolls mission in the multiplayer mode to increase the chances of encountering the NPC.
  2. Having Patience: While players cannot find the NPC at that specific location, players should be patient and search for other locations.
  3. Stealthy Approach: Upon entering the building, players have to avoid loud actions and should maintain a stealthy approach. 

The Bottom Line

In Ready Or Not, players can unlock The Fool achievement through a unique experience, letting someone kill you.

Similarly, to complete this quest successfully, players have to strategically navigate through the Valley of Dolls and let civilians take the lead.

Thus, utilizing the tips and tricks is beneficial for the journey to obtain the Fool Achievement.

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