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Ready Or Not Crystal Leighton: How To Find Her?

Ready or Not is a realistic tactical shooter game that puts players in the role of elite SWAT officers who have to deal with various situations.

The game features a single-player campaign mode, where players can follow a story that involves different characters, and locations.

One of the characters that players will encounter in Ready or Not is Crystal Leighton, a young girl who is hiding in a gas station. Furthermore, players can find her on the second floor of the gas station in one of the small rooms with a circuit board.

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Who Is Crystal Leighton In Ready Or Not?

Crystal Leighton, a minor character in Ready or Not, appears in the mission “Thank You, Come Again.”

She is a 12-year-old girl who lives with her mother, Sharla Leighton, in a trailer park in Southside, Los Sueños.

The Thank You, Come Again Mission
The Thank You, Come Again Mission in Ready or Not.

Crystal’s story is connected to the main plot of Ready or Not, as she is the victim of Andre Williams, one of the leaders of the Delinquents.

Furthermore, Andre is one of the suspects who is robbing the 4U gas station, where Crystal is hiding.

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How To Find Crystal Leighton In Ready Or Not?

Finding Crystal Leighton in Ready or Not is not easy, as she is well-hidden in the gas station.

Crystal is scared and traumatized by the situation and does not trust anyone.

Likewise, the players must use their skills and tactics to locate and save her.

Here are the steps to find Crystal Leighton In Ready Or Not:

  1. Firstly, players need to go to the second floor of the gas station.
  2. Then, find the staff-only room on the left side of the second floor.
  3. Go inside and there is a vending machine just left of the room.
Find Crystal Leighton
Find Crystal Leighton in the small room beside the vending machine.
  1. Likewise, look for a small room back of the vending machine.
  2. Furthermore, just enter the room and you will hear the sound of a girl crying.
Report Crystal Leighton
Report Crystal Leighton to the team.
  1. Finally, report to the main team by pressing F, who will come and rescue her.

How To Complete The Thank You, Come Again Mission?

Completing the Thank You, Come Again mission in Ready or Not requires the players to achieve the following objectives:

1. Bring Order To Chaos

The players have to arrest anyone at the scene, including the three suspects, Andre Williams, Zion Pretlow, and Jayden Fletcher.

Similarly, players have to use their weapons and equipment wisely, as the suspects may resist or shoot back.

The players also have to be aware of the possible presence of bombs or traps in the gas station and defuse them if necessary.

2. Rescue All Of The Civilians

The players have to detain any unarmed contacts at the scene, including the hostages, Sharla Leighton, and other civilians.

Similarly, the players have to use their handcuffs and zip ties to secure the civilians and escort them to a safe area.

Furthermore, the players also have to find and rescue Crystal Leighton, as explained above.

3. Find The Store Manager

The players have to locate the civilian, Mudasir Varma, who is the manager of the 4U gas station and the one who calls the police.

Moreover, to find the manager players have to use lockpicking to open the office door.

Afterward, the manager can be found in the back of the office where he will be dead on the ground.

Find the store manager
Report Crystal Leighton to the team.

The Bottom Line

Thank You, Come Again is a mission, where they have to deal with a gas station robbery and find Crystal Leighton.

To find Crystal Leighton, players need to go to the second floor of the staff room near the vending machine small room.

Completing the mission also requires the players to arrest or neutralize the suspects, rescue the hostages, and find the store manager.

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