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Is Reddit Is Fun Still Working?

Reddit is a great source of information for various people. The website hosts millions of users, and it is growing each year.

However, the application for Reddit is not as good as you think.

Reddit recently banned the use of third-party applications to use it. This ban brought a wave of subreddit blackouts, however, Reddit seems to be adamant on the change. Thus, third-party applications such as Reddit Is Fun are slowly shutting down. 

Continue reading to learn why the third-party application is shutting down and if it will return.

What Is Reddit Is Fun? 

Reddit Is Fun is a third-party app for Reddit. The users can get the app from the Google play store.
Furthermore, users cannot download this third-party app for iOS.

It allows users to get various notifications when a user makes a post on a subreddit.

Furthermore, users mainly use the application to keep up with posts in their favorite subreddit.

The application also provides users with a fast and intuitive interface to

The third-party application is a beloved application for many reasons.

One of them is its functionality in keeping the users up to date with various subreddits and streamlining the information they can see.

Is Reddit Is Fun Still Working? 

Sadly, Reddit Is Fun is not working anymore. The users cannot download the third-party application from the play store anymore.

Furthermore, the third-party application shut down recently on June 30th, 2023.

Reddit is fun will shut down on june
Reddit Is Fun mod puts up a post informing the shutdown of the application.

Additionally, the third-party application developers also posted a post on their official subreddit explaining that they will be shutting down on June 30th, 2023.

Why Is Reddit Is Fun Not Working?

Reddit Is Fun is now working due to the recent changes to the usage of third-party applications for Reddit.

Since users of Reddit normally use various third-party applications to improve their quality of life when using it.

Users did not like the amount of ads that the normal Reddit application put out on the users.

Thus, these third-party applications typically curated these ads out and provided the users with seamless use of Reddit.

However, Reddit did not like this method, thus, Reddit announced that they would not allow the use of third-party applications for Reddit.

Though this statement has done more harm than good.

Moreover, a month ago, many subreddits went into a subreddit blackout to protest the ban on third-party applications.

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Can You Use Third-Party Applications For Reddit?

Yes! You can use third-party applications for Reddit, however, you will need to pay a subscription fee for the usage.

Furthermore, this practice is similar to Twitter, which banned all third-party APIs.

While they were willing to allow the use of third-party APIs if they paid a certain subscription fee.

However, some subreddit such as Apolloapp did some calculations for the amount the subreddit would need to pay per request that the users make.

The result was a whopping 20 Million dollars.

Apolloapp Subreddit Gives A Price Rundown
Apolloapp subreddit gives a price rundown on third-party APIs.

Furthermore, even with that amount, the Mod stated that they would still be at a loss even if the users were to pay $ 2.50 per month.

The Bottom Line

Third-party applications often enhance the experience of using certain major applications.

Reddit is one of those applications, however, this is mainly due to the fact that this application itself is very bland.

Hopefully, this article can explain why Reddit is Fun is not working and its prospects of returning.

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