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Skyrim Creation Club Maintenance: Server Status And Down Time

Players are all frustrated with the latest news of the Skyrim creation club going under maintenance.

Skyrim game allows the players to purchase and sell various types of mods in the in-game creation club store.

Bethesda, who is the creator of Skyrim game, informed that the creation club will go under maintenance for the update of some features.
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What Is Skyrim Creation Club?

Skyrim Creation Club is the store in the Skyrim game where players can buy various add-ons.

Similarly, players can buy different abilities, items, etc using the currency called Creation Club Credits.

Additionally, these creations are created by third-party developers and contracted mod authors.

However, the final authorship of these creations belongs to the Bethesda Game Studios.

Furthermore, players can get various creations such as Pets of Skyrim, Divine Crusader, Myrwatch, etc.

Skyrim Creation Club Maintenance

The official Bethesda Support page on Twitter declared about the maintenance on November 29, 2023.

Similarly, the page informed that the in-game Mods and Creation Club services will go under extended maintenance.

However, the maintenance would have taken just one day as informed, but that is not the case.

skyrim creation club maintenance
Bethesda declaring about the Skyrim creation club maintenance.

Moreover, players are still complaining about the Creation Club service being still down.

In the same way, Bethesda Support posted about the maintenance still proceeding in another post on December 1.

Additionally, they posted about their team working full-on to complete the maintenance, while they do not have an ETA on completion.

Maintenance Extended
Bethesda posting about the extended maintenance time.

Furthermore, some players have speculated that a new marketplace, Creation Club 2.0 will be introduced with the update.

In addition, this marketplace will allow the creators to sell their creations directly in the game.

What Players Can’t Do During Maintenance?

Bethesda has clarified what services players can use and what they can’t during the maintenance.

Moreover, players can access the Skyrim mods and Creation Club content that they have already downloaded.

However, you cannot access the Mods and Creation Club services during maintenance.

Post about Services down
Post about what services will be down during maintenance.

In the same way, players will also not be able to change mod load orders or upload content from the Creation Kit.

Similarly, Bethesda also posted that the Skyrim Mods website will also go under maintenance at the same time.

How Long Will Skyrim Mods Maintenance Take?

Although Bethesda informed that the maintenance will take a day, it has not been over yet.

Moreover, players are really frustrated about this issue not being resolved as it’s been a week.

Similarly, the last post by the Bethesda Support page on Twitter was on Dec 3.

Discord comments being deleted
Players complaining about Bethesda deleting their comments on Discord comments.

Additionally, they posted that the maintenance will go throughout the weekend and they’ll share updates as soon as possible.

However, there have been no official updates until now on any of their social media or support sites until now.

Furthermore, some players even complained about Bethesda deleting their comments on the Discord support group.

The Bottom Line

Overall, players have been really frustrated about the Skyrim creation club being under maintenance for this long.

Moreover, the game developers have not informed about the exact time when the services will be up again.

Similarly, you can check for any updates on the official Bethesda social media pages or support site.

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