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Relapse In Ready Or Not: Hospital Lockdown

In Ready or Not, Relapse is the name of a tense and challenging mission.

As a member of the LSPD SWAT team, you face off against the criminal organization known as The Hand.

In Ready or Not, Relapse is a mission where the LSPD SWAT team faces The Hand, aiming to prevent the rescue of their leader associated with a nightclub shooting at Coastal Grove Medical Center ICU.

Continue reading to learn more about the Relapse and how to complete it in Ready or not.

What Is Relapse In Ready Or Not?

Relapse is a mission where a group called The Hand attempts to rescue their leader.

However, he is associated with a shooting at the Neon Nightclub.

And now he is under police supervision at Coastal Grove Medical Center ICU.

The mission features different modes like Barricaded Suspects, Raid, Active Shooter, Bomb Threat, and Hostage Rescue.

Likewise, your primary objective is to prevent The Hand from extracting their leader.

The LSPD’s SWAT team is deployed to intercept The Hand at the hospital.

The hospital environment is full of potential hiding spots for both you and the hostiles.

Hence, use them to your advantage and avoid getting caught in the open.

Coastal Grove Medical Center ICU
The Hand prevents their leader’s rescue at Coastal Grove Medical Center ICU.
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Relapse Map In Ready Or Not

The Coastal Grove Medical Center serves as the location for the mission, with two floors.

  • Ground Floor: This level houses the ambulance intake, emergency room, administrative offices, and various patient rooms. Expect tight corridors, ambushes around corners, and potential hostage situations.
  • Second Floor: Brace yourself for open spaces and flanking opportunities. This floor features laboratories, operating rooms, and more patient rooms, often connected by balconies and catwalks.
hospital with 2 floors
The mission is at a hospital with 2 floors.

How To Complete Relapse In Ready Or Not?

Due to the map’s size and the dynamic nature, Relapse can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

Before breaching the hospital, gather intel from the briefing and intel screens.

This will give you an idea of The Hand‘s entry points, potential hostage locations, and any bomb threats.

After that follow the steps given below:

  1. Consider bringing flashbangs and gas grenades to flush out enemies.
  2. Also breaching charges for stubborn doors, and smoke grenades to create cover and confuse hostiles.
  3. Pick a diverse team with various skill sets and include a breacher, a medic, a demolition expert, and at least one teammate skilled in close-quarters combat.
  4. Plan your entry points with your team, ensuring multiple points of access to overwhelm The Hand.
  5. Use flashbangs and gas grenades to disorient enemies before entering and move room by room, checking corners and closets thoroughly.
  6. Likewise, don’t rush, as hostiles could be lurking anywhere, use cover and communicate enemy positions with your team.
  7. Once a room is clear, secure it by barricading doors or placing teammates on overwatch.
  8. Don’t backtrack unless necessary, as enemies might have flanked you.

If you encounter hostages, prioritize their safety and use non-lethal options like flashbangs or negotiator tactics to free them. 

However, if a bomb is detected, locate and defuse it quickly.

Then, delegate a teammate with the demolition perk to handle this while the rest of the team secures the area.

Moreover, if The Hand deploys active shooters, prioritize neutralizing them first.

Also, use cover, flanking maneuvers, and well-placed shots to take them down without hesitation.

The Bottom Line

Players consider Relapse as one of the more challenging ones in Ready or Not.

Additionally, communication and coordination are crucial in this mission.

Likewise, stick together, cover each other’s backs, and call out enemy positions.

Be prepared to adjust your tactics and improvise based on what’s happening around you.

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