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How To Get Remnant 2 Barkskin Or Bloodstream?

Remnant 2 Barkskin or Bloodstream are powerful traits but possess entirely different features.

Players having Barkskin or Bloodstream have greater significance in winning the battle against Powerful enemies. 

Both traits can be upgraded from level 1 to 10 to increase the skills accordingly. 

Remnant 2 Barkskin or Bloodstream are potent traits to use. Both traits can be extracted from Meidra in the Yaesha-Dappled Glade. Players will receive either Barkskin or Bloodstream traits if they answer Meidra’s question selflessly or selfishly. The Barkskin decreases the incoming damage, whereas the Bloodstream increases the grey health regen. 

Continue reading the article to gain knowledge of the location and usage of Basrskin and Bloodstream in Remnant 2. 

What Is Barksin In Remnant 2?

A Barksin is a trait that lowers all the incoming damage from the enemies.

 The player will have a comprehensive advantage against powerful enemies and bosses as the damage is reduced against the players.

In contrast, all the incoming damage from the enemies is reduced by 10% if players make the max level of Barksin.

Further, players can find Barkskin in Yaesha, one of the earth’s four end-points or extract from Meidra. 

Mesha is one of the game’s NPCs guiding players for future events.

However, some players also act as merchants to trade various items for advanced inventories. 

Inside the Yeasha location, players need to search for The Far Woods Location to extract the Barkskin. 

What Is Bloodstream In Remnant 2?

Bloodstream is a trait that enhances the health percentage, making the character recover from injuries in a small period.

Moreover, The Grey Health Regen will be useful against bleeding and potent enemies. 

If players equip the Bloodstream of Level 10, they can increase the Grey Health Regen by 3 seconds

Finally, players can also find the Bloodstream trait as the same NPC as Barkskin called Meidra. 

How To Find Remnant 2 Barkskin Or Bloodstream?

If players are willing to extract the Barkskin Trait in Remnant 2, follow the given procedure,

  1. Enter the Yaesha end-point location in the map
Yasha Remnant 2
Enter the end-point earth called Yaesha.
  1. Visit The Far Woods inside the Yaesha and search for the Checkpoint.
The Far Woods Remnant 2
Search for the Checkpoint in the Far Woods.
  1. Interact with the NPC named Meidra after visiting the unlocked Dappled Glade.
The Dappled Glade
After Unlocking The Dappled Glade, interact with Meidra.
  1. Answer all the questions to Meidra in the Righteous way and receive the Barksin Trait.
Barkskin trait
Answering the question selflessly to receive Barkskin from Meidra.
  1. Players get the Bloodstream trait and choose the selfish answer to Meidra’s questions.
Bloodstream Trait
Answering Meidra’s question Selfishly to get Bloodstream.

Players can receive either the Remnant 2 Barkskin or Bloodstream trait if they interact and answer the question. 

However, to receive the prestigious Barkskin, players should answer the questions without acting selfishly; else, they will receive the Bloodstream trait.

Ensure to answer the questions accordingly to receive the trait you wish or need. 

The Bottom Line

Remnant 2 Barkskin or Bloodstream are the most potent traits for the players.

Both traits are found in the Yaesha-The Far-woods in the Dappled Glade. 

However, players can only receive either Barkskin or Bloodstream trade after interacting and answering questions to Meidra. 

The Barkskin decreased all the incoming damage; on the other hand, Bloodstream increases the health regen in combat. 

Lastly, Barkskin and Bloodstream trade can be upgraded from level 1 to 10 to increase the skills accordingly. 

Ensure to read how to obtain Damage Reduction and Ravager’s Mark in Remnant 2. 
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