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How To Obtain Damage Reduction In Remnant 2?

Damage Reduction in Remnant 2 is a cumulation of various defensive stat. It allows the players to take reduced damage and tank in boss fights. 

In Remnant 2, the primary method of obtaining damage reduction is by increasing the armor stat. However, players can choose a specific class and also add relic fragments to increase the damage reduction percentage. 
In this article, we discuss what is damage reduction and how to obtain it.

What Is Damage Reduction In Remnant 2? 

Damage reduction is a cumulation of various defensive stats in Remnant 2.

However, the primary use of Damage reduction is, as the name suggests, to reduce any damage the players take.

Furthermore, players can obtain the highest amount of damage reduction from the Armor stat. However, the hard cap for damage reduction is 80%. 

Additionally, certain players claim they are able to over-cap the damage reduction to 100%.

But, it is only a claim, and most players cannot surpass the hard cap for damage reduction.

However, even if you have a high damage reduction percentage, when you are up against bosses, certain boss attacks will always deal a certain percentage of your health. 

Thus, damage reduction may not work as efficiently against bosses. 

With this in mind, we advise players to learn boss attack patterns and upgrade their traits and gears when they are up against bosses. 

How To Obtain Damage Reduction In Remnant 2? 

Players can obtain damage reduction through three methods. However, one method requires players to choose a specific character. 

The first method to obtain Damage reduction is through the increase of Armor.

Thus, players must use chest pieces and other gear pieces that provide a huge amount of Armor. 

Furthermore, there is a formula to calculate the damage reduction percentage. The formula is Damage Taken= (armor)/(armor+200).

This means if the players have a total of 100 armor stat, they will reduce the damage by 33.33%.

Thus, players can increase their armor massively to gain more damage reduction. 

However, a higher armor stat can also have the disadvantage of becoming slower and having a harder time using your dodge rolls. 

The second method to obtain Damage reduction is through Relic Fragments

Relic fragment increases damage reduction in Remnant 2
Cracked damage reduction relic fragment in Remnant 2

Players can obtain the relic fragments by purchasing them from vendors and also by defeating various boss monsters.

Additionally, players must obtain the Blue Relic Fragments to obtain Damage reduction.

Furthermore, the blue relic fragments only provide defensive stats to the players. 

Lastly, players must choose the Engineer archetype to gain damage reduction.

This is mainly because of the archetype trait, “Fortify.”

Fortify increases damage reduction through in Remnant 2
Fortify archetype trait increases armor effectiveness in Remnant 2

The Fortify trait increases the Armor effectiveness by 50%. 

Thus, these are the three major methods to obtain and increase your damage reduction stat in Remnant 2. 

Fortify trait is from Engineer
The Engineer archetype provides the fortify trait in Remnant 2

The Bottom Line

Damage reduction allows players to tank through some heavy-hitting bosses in any game.

However, the majority of games tie damage reduction with resistance and armor. 

This is also the case for Remnant 2, the game reduces damage taken by the players through a cumulation of various defensive stats. 

Hopefully, this article can guide you to increase your damage reduction percentages in Remnant 2. 

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