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How To Use Crimson King Coin In Remnant 2? 

Remnant 2 is the sequel to Remnant from the Ashes, which debuted on the 25th of July, 2023.

Furthermore, it is a soul-like game and shares its mechanics with Dark Souls and Elden Ring. 

Crimson King Coins in Remnant 2 is a quest item. The Coins allow the players to obtain crafting materials and increase their defensive and offensive stats. However, obtaining the Crimson King Coin in Remnant 2 is a challenge.

This article will explore the Crimson King Coins and how to obtain and use them in the game.

What Is Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 game shares similar features to Dark Souls, Elden Ring and Sekiro.

However, the game also provides a modern twist to the genre with the availability of modern armaments.

It allows the players to choose a class to start the game; however, they can customize their playstyle as they progress.

Additionally, the game contains various characters to interact with and quests to complete, allowing the players to get stronger and defeat even more challenging bosses.

Players can team up with two other players or friends and tackle the world of Remnant 2. 

What Is Crimson King Coin In Remnant 2?

Crimson King Coin is a quest item in Remnant 2 that players can obtain through the completion of quests.

Furthermore, players use the quest items to get information from various NPCs or obtain items from NPCs and other prominent characters.

Crimson King Coin in Remnant 2
Crimson King Coin is a quest item in Remnant 2.

Players can have up to five Crimson King Coins at any given time. Furthermore, players can find the Crimson King Coins in Glided Chambers.

However, they must defeat Teleport Fae to obtain the Coins.

How To Use Crimson King Coin In Remnant 2?

The primary use of the Crimson King Coins is to present them to the Red Prince.

However, if the player presents the Red Prince with less than three Crimson King Coins, he will kill the player.

The Red Prince will treat it as an insult and consider the offering as though the players did not present any Crimson King Coins.

But, the first time the player presents the Coins to the Red Prince, he will kill the player nonetheless.

However, when the player respawns at the checkpoint, the Red Prince will grant them the Bloody Steel Splinter.

Bloody steel splinter from the Red prince
Bloody Steel Splinter is a crafting material in Remnant 2.

Additionally, players can use the Crimson King Coins to obtain Relic Fragments from Nightweaver’s Web.

Furthermore, extra Crimson King Coins are farmable even after the fight with The Red Prince.

Thus, players can return to the Glided Chambers and defeat Teleport Faes to obtain the Crimson King Coins. 

The Bottom Line

Remnant 2 is a fairly new game; various content creators gained early access to the game and provided various guides to the new player.

However, players can now play the game since the game debuted on the 25th of July, 2023.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in finding the Crimson King Coins and use them to your benefit. 

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