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Chillet Saddle Location In Palworld: Technology Tab And Level Guide

In this vibrant world of Palworld, players can ride a chillet as a mount by unlocking the saddle technology.

Players can swiftly travel across the vast realm of Palword by capturing multiple pals that can be used as mounts.

In Palworld, players can ride the majestic Chillet by capturing it and unlocking its corresponding Saddle Technology from the level 13 row in the Technology Tab. Similarly, after unlocking the mount saddle players can craft the saddle at the Pal Gear Workbench players with leather.

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Palworld: An Overview Of Chillet

In Palworld, players come across the beautiful creatures known as Pals while embarking on a journey to become the best Palmon.

Chillet is one of the Pals in the game that players must face during the initial boss battles in Palworld.

Similarly, Chillet is a dragon-like creature that soars high in the sky, making it a difficult creature to tame.

Chillet In Palworld
A player is standing with the Chillet within the Palworld Universe.

Chillet has the Ice Type Power and falls under the category of Ice Type Creatures in Palworld.

Chillet is the Level 11 boss in Palworld, that can deal heavy damage with attacks like dragon cannon, ice missile, and dragon burst.

Players can find the level 11 Chillet boss at the coordinates 173,-418 around the Windswept Hill.

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Step By Step Guide TO Unlock The Chillet Saddle

In Palworld, players can traverse around the map swiftly by taming the pals that can be used as a mount.

Traveling around the vast realm of Palworld on foot might be boring so unlock the mount saddle for the Pals to ride them.

Riding Chillet In Palworld
A player is riding the Chillet as a mount in Palworld.

Players can ride numerous Pals in the game such as Chillet, Rushroar, Celaray, Direhowl, Kingpaca, and so on.

Similarly, to ride a Chillet, you must first craft the Chillet Saddle with the right procedure.

Here is a detailed explanation of the steps for unlocking the Chillet Saddle in Palworld:

1. Capture The Chillet

Before you can ride the majestic chillet in Palworld, you must first capture one.

Players can capture the Chillet by defeating it in one of the early boss fights in Palworld.

Likewise, head to the south of the Tower Ruins teleport statue at coordinates 173,-418 to encounter the majestic Chillet.

Players can also find the chillet by heading to the Windswept Hills, south of the Fort Ruins waypoint.

Once you capture the Chillet, it’s time for unlocking its corresponding saddle Technology.

2. Unlocking The Chillet Saddle Technology

Upon successfully capturing the Chillet, players can finally unlock the Chillet’s Saddle from the Technology Tree.

To locate the Chillet’s Saddle, navigate to the Technology tab and look for the Saddle Technology Corresponding to the Chillet.

Similarly, players can find the Chillet’s Sadlle in the Level 13 row of the Technology tree positioned on the far right.

Unlocking this technology before crafting the Chillet’s Saddle is mandatory.

3. Craft At The Pal Gear Workbench

After unlocking the Chillet’s saddle technology, players should head out to the Pal Gear Workbench to craft the Pal.

If you haven’t built your Pal Gear Workbench, you can craft it with 2 clothes, 10 Paldium Fragments, and 3o Woods.

Players can craft the Chillet Saddle in Pal Gear Workbench with some leathers that can be acquired from Foxparks and Fuack.

4. Enjoy Riding The Chillet

Upon crafting the Chillet’s Saddle, players can use it to ride the Chillet.

Explore the extensive realm of Palworld by riding the Chillet that takes you soaring into the sky.

Moreover, you can start leveling up your Chillet to unlock further saddle technologies.

The Bottom Line

In the vast realm of Palworld, embarking on its journey with the Chillet as your companion is an exciting experience.

Players can simply capture the Chillet, unlock its saddle technology, and craft the Chillet’s saddle to ride the Chillet.

Chillet not only serves as a means of transportation but also as a formidable combat friend with its powerful attacks.

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