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How To Trade Amulet In Remnant 2?

One of the most exciting features in the newly launched game Remnant 2 is the ability to trade Amulet.

In addition, Trading Amulets can help you fill the exciting items on your missing inventory.

Trade Amulet in Remnant 2 is an encouraging feature for players to fill up inventory items. To trade Amulet, you must find a Merchant who sells them or a Player who has them.

Continue reading to learn more about the precious Amulets and how to Trade them with other players.

What Is Trade Amulet?

Trade Amulet is an act of exchanging Amulets with in-game friends and merchants.

It is one of the game’s best features, as players can exchange precious items to enhance their character’s abilities. 

In contrast, Amulets are the characters’ skills and abilities that help win combat against enemies in Remnant 2 game.

Furthermore, Amulets also have features such as Greater Damage, low  Stamina cost and boosting Relics.

The precious ability is only equipable one at a time and is found in different map locations and with various features. 

Moreover, players can upgrade their characters from over 58 Amulets.

Extracting Amulet Remnant 2
You can extract Soul Anchor Amulet in the Inventory.

Talisman of the Sun, Vengeance of Idlo and Soul Anchor are some of the tradable Amulets in the early game.

Furthermore, the best Amulets to Trade include Ankh of Power, Toxic Release Valve and Indignant Fetish.

For instance, after trading your Amulet with the Ankh of Power, it increases damages and rewards by 15%.

In addition, Daredevil’s Charm Amulet will increase damage dealt, character speed, and all damage taken for all unequipped vests.

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How To Trade Amulet In Remnant 2?

Before opting for Trade, players must ensure they have enough Amulets to exchange with in-game players and Merchants.

Players can collect Amulets through various events, extracting them through the map, buying from Merchants or defeating the bosses. 

If you want to Trade Amulets for enhanced firepower, you can follow the procedure below.

  1. Complete the in-game event called Quest Line
  2. Interact with the local  (Non-Player Characters). The NPC insists you exchange your precious Amulet.
Trade Amulet Renmant 2
Reddit post about Amulet Trade in Remnant 2.
  1. Trade your valuable Amulet with Outcast Ring.  After that players will be granted a gun reload percentage of 15% and stack to five times. 

Furthermore, users can also opt not to trade their precious items if they come across NPC after completing the events.

In-game friends or locals NPC may insist on trading Valuable Amulets on your Inventory.

But ensure you only trade the Amulets if you are getting rare or equal-value items in Remnant 2.

The Bottom Line

Remnant 2 Trade Amulet is one of the best features a game can offer. 

Players can now upgrade their inventory and increase their firepower by exchanging some items with other players or NPCs.

However, it would be better for players to know the actual worth of Amulets before the Trade. 

Good luck in finding Valuable Amulets in Remnant 2!

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