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How To Unlock The Great Hall Locked Door In Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 is a souls-like game from Gunfire Games, a sequel to Remnant 1 from the same developers.

Furthermore, the game is currently in pre-order, but many content creators are providing information on the game through early access.

The Great Hall contains a locked door in Remnant 2. The locked door is a path to access “The Feast Event.” However, players must find a key within the area to unlock the door.

Continue reading to learn about the locked door in the Great Hall, and provide you with tips and tricks for unlocking it.

What Is The Great Hall In Remnant 2?

The Great Hall is a location in Losomn, Remnant 2. It is one of the many locations that the players can explore.

It does not contain any NPCs or merchants in the area. Furthermore, the Great Hall also contains many puzzles for players to solve. 

However, the main reason to get to the Great Hall is to complete The Feast Event.

The event allows the players to obtain some valuable items and a few new traits. 

Furthermore, even though the Great Hall area does not contain any NPCs and merchants, the area contains various enemies such as :

  • Fae Soldier
  • Melee Fae
  • Ranged Fae
  • Heavy Fae
  • Lantern Horror
  • Teleport Fae
  • The Executioner

Moreover, players can obtain various items from the area, which we will look into below.

What Is The Great Hall Locked Door?

The players can find a locked door in the Great Hall that allows access to The Feast Event.

Here, the players can find the door while exploring the Great Hall and find a quest item.

Additionally, the event allows the players to obtain various traits and items.

However, they must complete the event rather than just participate to obtain the traits and the items.

Moreover, the event also shows the gruesome and cruel world within Remnant 2. 

How To Unlock The Great Hall Locked Door?

You must find a key in the underground area to unlock the Great Hall locked door in Remnant 2.

The key is hidden in a secret passage you can access by breaking a wall.

Additionally, players will need Ravenous Medallion to unlock the door to the Great Hall.

Here are some steps to obtain the Ravenous Medallion.

  1. First, head to the kitchen of the Great Hall.
  2. Then, find the two locked doors inside the kitchen.
  3. Then, look around a bit in the area. You will find the medallion lying on a table.
Obtain the Ravenous medallion
You can obtain the Ravenous Medallion from the kitchen in the Great Hall.
  1. After you obtain the medallion, head toward the Great Hall’s locked door.
  2. Finally, place the medallion on the socket of the locked door, and it will unlock the door.
Use ravenous medallion to unlock the door
Unlock the locked door in the Great Hall using the Ravenous medallion.

After you unlock the door, you can enter the Great Hall and meet a lonely creature inside the hall.

The lonely creature will ask you to join the feast with him. After you accept his request, fae mobs will spawn around you.

You will need to defeat the fae waves; then, you will receive the Neckbone Necklace as a reward from the lonely creature.

Furthermore, if you are in a coop, when you start the feast event, you will obtain a new trait if you eat your friend.

Read on to learn more about using the Crimson King coin and trade the spirit wisp Amulet in Remnant 2.

The Bottom Line

Remnant 2 is a new soul game thus, a lot of information is still unavailable easily.

However, many content creators are providing information on completing game quests.

Additionally, many mechanics are still to be explored within the game.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in unlocking the door to the Great Hall and participating in the Feast event.

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